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I Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way
For those people who have yet to notice, today is Friday. Which means no more work until Monday. Which, in turn, is a Good Thing, and is one of the things that stops me from wanting to fling myself off the pier (another of those things is that it would take me two hours to get to the pier...). Work does my head in, and I'm well aware that I do practically nothing here. When I'm working properly, time goes much faster, but unfortunately, I get bored quicker. At least this way, I can write something...

Talking to Chris yesterday lunch time, I realised exactly how little official time I've had off. In the last year, I've had three weeks off. Three weeks. That's it. Two weeks at Christmas, and a week at the start of the summer. Three weeks, out of the last 53. That's fifty weeks of working, in some form or another. Thirty weeks of Uni, five weeks this summer, five weeks at Easter, a week at Christmas, and nine weeks last summer.

So the next time somebody comes over all condescending, as if I'm perpetrating some epic crime by not going to lectures, perhaps they should remember that if I did go to lectures, I would get three weeks off per year. I don't know anybody who gets so little time off - that includes the Christmas break, too... If I take a week off work, that costs me over 250 pounds. That's getting on for $400... I can't afford to lose that much money just to spend some time to myself, away from the pressure of work (such that it is). So my only recourse was to avoid lectures, and the pressure therein. Bad, I know, but the only solution short of allowing myself to have a nervous breakdown, or similar.

So, what have I been up to lately... Well, I managed to sleep in for an hour and a half this morning, which has shortened the amount of time I shall have to stay awake considerably... I arrived at work about an hour late, which just means an hour less of this stuff. It's now almost eleven, and it doesn't feel anything like that - this is good. Oh, and I had this weird dream, where I was at the company's Christmas do, and my boss was playing guitar... That was somewhat surreal...

..I want to be near you, but you need to be far away..

Speaking of which, I played some bass last night - I don't have to be good, I just have to be passable. If I can just keep a nice rhythm going on a few notes, then that'll do me for the time being, since that's all I really have to do for most of the songs I want to record. What's difficult is the lead guitar, since synth-pop uses a lot of instruments at once. Still, I can just overdub lots and lots and lots... :o)

And now onto my other passion (for I have but two), writing... Browsing the BBC website earlier, I came across the ultimate proof that I really don't need to bother with anything any more - some of the articles on there written by 'journalists' were so simple that I could probably manage something similar to them with ease. As far as I know, they take ex-professionals in a given field, who can vaguely write, and just tell them to write what they know. It's not new information, it doesn't involve copious amounts of research, it's just standard stuff. Because ultimately, you're writing to inform a grossly under-informed public, and so long as you stay polysyllabic, chances are you'll be educating somebody out there.

That might be bordering on the cynical, but still, that's how it appears to be - so long as you're informed on a subject and can write, you're set. And I make it my business to be informed on as many subjects as I can - politics, science, the observed sociological effects of technology... I didn't do a Sociology/Computing course last year for nothing - that was the only thing I've done at Uni where I attended every single lecture, so I'm not bad... That was actually when I first met Tom - he gave a presentation on the same day that I did. Conveniently, I was talking about getting constantly accused of cyber-terrorism for what my idiot army does, and he was talking about getting arrested and questioned on charges of actual terrorism, which was a far more interesting story. The bastard... :o)

So yeah, I have vague credentials, a desire to learn, a good head for remembering things. I see no reason why I shouldn't be able to do this... So now, it's a case of writing for a specific audience - rather than necessarily trying to get my point of view across (which on many subjects is bitter and aggressive), instead I'll be trying to get the nearest mainstream equivalent across. No more accusing Bush of being a clown (even though the image of him and Dick Cheney in the same pair of pants is so amusing), just calm reporting of the fact that he's behaving like one. Ideally, the things I write from this point in will be 'acceptable' to people who might actually be able to publish stuff - that way, I can actually submit things :o)

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For those people who have yet to notice, today is Friday. Which means no more work until Monday.

Lies, all lies.

jamie, darling, there will be no tossing yourself off of the pier... if you did that, you wouldn't be able to get the stuff i'm sending you this weekend ;0)

so you're not gonna toss yourself? i'd be very sad :0(


Interesting phrase........

But no, I'm not :o)

hahahhahahahahhaha. i didn't even think of it that way. hahahahhaha.

good. i am happy then :0)

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