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Please Install Virus and Reboot Your System
What a day... I actually woke up earlier than usual, before my alarms went off and everything - go me. But I woke up with this really guilty feeling, as if I've done something horribly wrong. Perhaps I had a dream where I slaughtered an entire nation or something, whatever it was, it made me wake up feeling like I've been bad. You'd think I would have gotten over any notion that I have a conscience by now, but turns out I probably haven't.

So the start of the day was fine... But then I got into work and found that the power cuts yesterday evening had fucked with half the stuff here - my moisture tests were reading weird, and I couldn't look at their progress overnight because the data logger had gone offline. Then there's the permeation tests, which stopped running because the computers that take the results were dead, so I've had to start those again. Not good.

And my computer is in trouble. Fortunately, Pete is going on holiday tomorrow so I'm gonna nick his, but still, it's upsetting that mine has to die like this... I'm not sure what's wrong with it, but its disk space is just diminishing by the second... And I can't run the antivirus software because apparently there's not enough memory (dodgy!). What I do know is that it does have that pesky SirCam thing, because as soon as I fired up OE and gave it my address, the f'king thing mailed itself out to everybody in some mythical address book (because I can't find one on that PC).

So yeah, I've just spammed a load of people with the SirCam worm, using my own SMTP server and my own e-mail address. Not smart. I was forgetting that the computers at work aren't as safe and secure as my one at Uni, which is set up specifically not to screw things up like that. But the really irritating thing about the virus isn't actually that it got sent out. It's that it gets sent back. I get return e-mails saying something akin to

This e-mail is infected with the SirCam worm, and is therefore not being delivered.

Below is a copy of the message
Now, this is all well and good, but do I really need to get my message returned to me? Is this their way of saying "You have SirCam on your PC, and if not, here's a copy so you can install it"? And not just that, but these messages are like 150kb each. And from the looks of things, the address list to which they were sent is rather extensive. Imagine I sent it to 100 addresses, and a quarter of those people bounce back virus e-mails, including attachments. That gives us 25 x 150kb, which is almost 4mb of crap. My inbox does not require this, and in fact, will probably not take it well. Perhaps it's the industry's way of punishing stupid people who allow their computers to send e-mails, but it's not even as if I could help it - the thing must have come pre-installed, since I didn't receive any mail before it sent itself out. Blasted company and their poor security...

So now I have to telnet to my POP3 server periodically, and delete all overly large e-mail as it arrives, in case it blocks up the whole account and I stop getting e-mails... One of these days, those assholes are going to be sorry - I don't like bad virii. Good ones are okay - I can make those myself... Genetic-algorithms and stuff, and virus software that actually learns and replicates intelligently. I just kinda deleted all that when it got too risky... I coded a few system independently a couple of years ago, but then when I put them together the thought occurred that it might actually work, so I deleted the lot.

So yeah, feeling intensely guilty, tests have been bollocksed by the power cut, and have inadvertantly spammed the whole of the western world with a virus.... My day rocks, oh yes :oP

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Apparently the plurarl of virus is viruses and not virii


Saw it in uk.comp.os.linux

Tis early so I'm in a picky mood.

I know that. But Virii is more fun to write... :o)

Plus, in general, I never believe anything I read on Usenet ;o)

but you see, the plural of octopus cannot be octopii because then the plural of bus would have to be bii.

you said bollocksed. what an interesting, yet made up, word. you learn something new everyday. i'll say that from now on, and when i do, i shall think of you. in a purely non-sexual way, ofcourse.

Technically it's the past tense of a dictionary word meaning 'rubbish' - ergo Bollocksed ---> Rubbished

i didn't get a virus from you :0) i used protection:-p

although, i keep getting all of these emails from my friends that are infected with the goldfish virus....

Well it didn't use my address book, so....... :o)

Not especially.... Same as usual.... :o)

cool. well, i'm off to leave the office and become a blonde...

let's see if they really do have more fun ;0)

later gator!

Need pictures, remember :o)

check your email. you should have one there in about 15 minutes

Wow... I demand more! Bigger pictures! Oh yes.... :oP

did you get the picture? you'll get more this weekend (providing my internet in my apartment is hooked up)

the color didn't show up too well in the picture though :0)

Of course I got the picture - that's why I said wow ;o)

And why can't I have a biiiig picture? :o(

because i don't have the software to resize it at work - which is where i am.

you'll get one, i promise.

speaking of pictures, taken any good ones lately?? i wanna see um!:0)

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