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Kit's funny....
[01.50.14] Deity1> btw, how much do you know about gay pr0n 'lingo'?
[01.50.31] Jamie]> Some
[01.50.39] Jamie]> I wouldn't imagine I know much, but..... :o)
[01.50.45] Deity1> why is 'bear' used so much?
[01.50.50] Jamie]> Bear?
[01.50.52] Deity1> yes
[01.50.53] Jamie]> As opposed to Bare?
[01.50.58] Deity1> yes
[01.51.01] Jamie]> I have no idea
[01.51.03] Deity1> do you have WinMX?
[01.51.04] Jamie]> Clearly I am not gay enough
[01.51.06] Jamie]> No
[01.51.16] Deity1> i did a search for videos matching *bear*
[01.51.22] Deity1> i did not find what i wanted
[01.51.30] Jamie]> *ROTFLMAO*
[01.51.49] Deity1> i shall aquire a screenshot
[01.52.11] Jamie]> Must you?
[01.52.16] Deity1> yes
[01.52.19] Deity1> OF THE SEARCH
[01.52.24] Jamie]> Ooooh
[01.52.26] Deity1> I didn't download anything you muppet
[01.52.28] Jamie]> That's okay then

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Bear... hahahahahhah!

if i know what it means, does that mean that i am gayer than you?

Frankly, yes it does... :o)

bears are scary, yet have entire networks dedicated to them.

erm.. yeah whatever :-)

Bear means big, hairy man.. if you wanna know how I know this.. keeping reading my journal.. hehe

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