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(Forever) Live and Die
I'm sliding back through time even further - I listened to Now 1991 on the way to work, I listened to Now 1990 earlier, and now I'm listening to my OMD album... It starts off with their single Electricity, from 1979, and progresses through to their 1996 hit Walking on the Milky Way (one of my three all-time-uber-l33t-special-songs). Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark are great - they were one of the first bands I ever properly got into, back in 1990 (or was it '91?) when they released Sailing on the Seven Seas... I loved that song so much :o)

But yeah, OMD are great - they almost certainly had a large influence on bands like Erasure and The Pet Shop Boys, with their inspired synth-pop with a glam touch. They got into the whole thing before it had been done to death - they're pretty much the first British synth band I can really think of. If only there was a genre emerging right now that I could really get into - that'd be fun.

So, it's now the afternoon, and I've still not done much. Damned moisture tests. It takes so long for the moisture content of the pipes to reach equilibrium, and the problem is that I'm trying to look at reaction times in the instruments. So I have to use the super-quick-reaction instrument to gauge when the pipes have reached equilibrium, and compare everything else to that. Only, the piping for different instruments is different. Argh!! *ahem*

It's rather pathetic how amusing I find myself. Is it so wrong that I make myself laugh a lot? After all, I have the same sense of humour as me, so it's obvious that I should find myself funny. Last night, shortly after my mid-evening nap, I was looking through some of the notes I made back when I was all "I'll be a stand-up comic", and I still found myself funny (although I did kinda wonder what the hell I was thinking a couple of times). Then I saw Johnny Vegas on Room 101 last night, and he was actually being really funny. I could hear everything he was saying, it was entertaining, it was funny, but I just didn't laugh. It wasn't quite that sort of funny. But he was laughing his arse off, he could barely keep a straight face.

That kinda reassures me - it can't be wrong as such to find oneself amusing - it's just that most traditionally funny people do whatever joke it is over and over in their heads before they present it to an audience, so they appear like they're all deadpan and stuff. Which makes me wonder if I should have another shot at trying to write stand-up style material. Then again, a lot of it is in the delivery, and is all subjective, which makes it far harder to work out how well I'm doing. At least if I write something I think is funny, I can stick it on the computer and people can give me an opinion on the finished product, rather than a script for a routine I never performed.

Then again, I think I know what I want to do - get back to Uni, rig up my sound stuff all right, and then just do radio style satire. I've scrapped the TV idea because while I've got a background in set design, I can't be bothered with actually doing it - the effort is too great. On the other hand, I have a high quality microphone, and (allegedly) a voice that would work fine. Plus, you know, with the accent I can just market the whole thing at an American audience, and get ratings just because I'm British. I know it's cheating, but so what? :o)

So yeah, brief radio-style news segments... Anybody who accuses me of trying to copy Chris Morris probably wouldn't be too far off, although I don't want to become him especially. I'd like to have been him first, but since he's already been Chris Morris, I wouldn't do it. If I were to be anything like that, I'd want to be original, first and foremost. I just think that this is the next natural progression, and if I can pull it off, then it might look okay on a CV style thing. Depends how well I can do it I guess, and whether it actually goes anywhere. We shall see...

Heh, I just went to the toilet, and in the bin was a paper towel with a load of resistance equations over it and stuff... Clearly somebody wanted to do a couple of calculations and couldn't wait until they were done. I feel a Mallrats quote would be relevant here, so - "Jesus, I'd hate to tell you what I think about in the bathroom..." Or something to that effect.

Anyhow, I don't know what I want from this whole thing any more. I want to write, I've known that for ages, but I'm not sure what it is I want to write. My whole Music Review website (which is now officially dead and all) was going to be a chance for me to just write, but reviews are just too constrained, I want to write without guidance. Sadly, that's not going to happen any time soon, so I need to pick a field I do like, and just run with it. But, fickle child that I am, it's hard to pin down something that I really want to do and be able to guarantee I'll still want to do it in a month...

While I'd love to get stuff published, I don't think anything I've done is especially worthy of publishing, or would fit in anywhere really. Half of it is inconsequential babbling about my life, which is of little interest to readers, and the other half is offensive political satire / rebuke, which in turn isn't going to attract people who might publish it. I have no real audience, and no real body that would publish anything I write. In short, just posting crap on my journal (like so) is probably the only thing to do right now...

So yeah, I guess all I can do is carry on as I am now, until a better plan presents itself....

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accents + hotness = seller!

*shaking my head at you* sigh....... didn't we just have a huge discussion about this? damn it boy! reach down into your trousers, find your balls, then do something! :0)


Uh, do what, exactly..? *fear*

hahah. i should've known you'd take that the perverse way! hahaha.

do something about your writing!!! :0D

Well it wasn't hard........ :oP

And no :oP

well, if it wasn't hard after reaching down and grabbing... i'm gonna stop there :0p

you're such a chicken. :0)

Yes Tony, I'm glad people got my pun. The whole point of several "..."'s was to illustrate an awkward silence after I said it, so as to demonstrate that I was aware of my fantastic sense of humour.

Oh shit, that was the wrong comment I replied to. I meant to reply to the comment where you said "I'm blatantly flaccid at awkward times! Can someone tell me what that impotence helping drug is called?" ... sorry, I must've been in a hurry or something.

It's quite understandable - I often have a similar problem. With comments. Not my penis. Oh no.........

Shush, Tony Meadows

Shush, James Barnaby Olson Webley!

Toniferous Herbert Meadows-Hitler, silence!

Yeah, but see, THMH is cool (well, not the Hitler part, but shh). Your initials are James B.O. Webley

Despite your telling me to shh on the subject, I must point out that "Hitler" is a component of your surname. That's so un-cool that it can only exist in the 1980s.....

And I somehow feel quite obligated to point out your middle initials are "B.O.", thus making you one of the Smelly Guys.

You're related to Hitler, the WORST MAN EVER, who killed like actual living people. I smell, but you are despised by all!!!

Nah. It was a gift from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. It was only a gift.

Mormons don't give gifts, they give curses.


With a name like Hitler, it has to be bad.
It's the one with Hitler's head right on the box.

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