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"you = boy"
So, almost lunch time... I've written three satire type things, although one of them was merely a SatireWire style thing. They have a running joke going about Alan Greenspan, but since the site is on holiday until next week I thought I'd write the brief note that they were inevitably going to pick up on.

Today I have mostly been listening to Now 1990, because the early nineties still rock my world. 1990 was pretty much just after I got into music, and I can still remember hearing half this stuff at the time. New Order's song for England in Italia '90, including John Barnes' rap - man, that brings back memories. I was only eight at the time, but I can still remember it.... And speaking of John Barnes, he has the coolest accent ever. Sounds just like my friend James, who went to my secondary school for a few months.

Which reminds me - I must get in touch with him ASAP... I used to talk to him over ICQ, but I no longer run that, which is a problem. He was like, so totally cool - we were the only two people at my school who were into good music, on account of how he had spent most of his school life abroad, where he'd actually been exposed to good stuff. We used to talk about Everclear and stuff - he was like the first 'real life' person I'd ever met who knew who they were. Oh, and me, him, his sister and my friend Benny all went and saw Live together, which was cool. I miss him...

But yeah, 1990, rock on... Right now I'm listening to The Charlatans - The Only One I Know... And just heard EMF - Unbelievable... Reminds me of Uni, going to the Indie clubs - at least one of these songs is invariably played at The Escape... I can't even remember when I last went there - I think I've only been once since the rather unfortunate incident where I spent half the time halucinating my ass off. But I shall have to go back there next year, just because it's Jimbo's lucky club - as far as I know, the only times he's pulled girls randomly at Uni has been there.

Speaking of which, a story which amuses me, which I've probably mentioned before... One of the last times we all went there together, Jimbo was a bit drunk, and didn't have his glasses, so he told me to find him hot girls. This was, I believe, a week or two after he pulled a girl mere minutes after me mentioning to him that she was hot and that I was thinking of going over and talking to her. He's actually really sorry about that, despite the fact that he has no reason to be. Still, I was slightly bitter at the time, so I found these two girls who looked so underage, and told him that they were really hot. So he goes over and starts chatting them up, while I just watch. I could see the exact moment when they told him they were 16 just based on the look on his face. It was classic......

So yeah, must go to The Escape a bit more next year. Plus, it's so long since I've been to the Honey Club... Last year, I was in an "I hate mainstream" mood a lot, so I didn't go... The nearest I got was Escape (which isn't too mainstream on Indie night anyway), or The Hot House (which is one of the on-campus clubs, only when I went (Frisbee fundraiser), there was hardly anybody there)... Oh, and The Beach that one time when I went out with Laura. No, not like that :oP

So yeah, next year, I have to tag along with the rest of the Frisbee team to as many clubs as I can reasonably get myself to. After all, you only live once, and it's over a year since I last went to a Dance Anthems style night... Ah, I can still remember it all so well though - Jimbo and me dancing to One More Time by Daft Punk... The guys there who habitually pinch my arse... Oh, and of course, Stardust night, which is like 70s and 80s stuff... Go Wham!

Uh, I think I need to stop talking now :o)

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ultimate frisbee kicks arse

That it does


And I'm on the uni team...

Kinda... ;o)

It's all good :o)

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