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Well, it amused me.....
[01:40] <Deity1> am i one of your dream-me?
[01:40] <Deity1> er me[n]
[01:40] <Jamie]> Kit, you're not a dream man to me
[01:41] <Deity1> :(
[01:41] <Jamie]> In fact, I can think of two things that are wrong with that
[01:41] <Jamie]> For starters, I don't dream of you
[01:41] <Deity1> don't say
[01:41] <Deity1> it
[01:41] <Deity1> you'll regret it
[01:41] <DMZ> well, you're not
[01:41] <Jamie]> And secondly
[01:41] <Jamie]> You're really
[01:41] <Jamie]> Not in any way
[01:41] <Jamie]> Even remotely like
[01:41] <Jamie]> A MAN
[01:41] *** Jamie] was kicked by Deity1 ((Banned 3.42E-4 years) I'm a man fs!)
[01:41] *** Deity1 sets mode: +bb *!*miffle@pam??-?-?-??? Jamie]!*@*

[01.41] *** You were kicked from #adjarmy by Deity1 ((Banned 3.42E-4 years) I'm a man fs!)


[01.47.31] <Jamie]> Kit
[01.47.35] <Jamie]> My sister wants to give you a big hug
[01.47.37] <Jamie]> She feels sorry for you
[01.47.43] <Jamie]> She said to me "Pick on someone your own size"
[01.48.54] <DMZ> How could Kit ever find somebody *his* size to pick on him, though?
[01.49.04] <DMZ> I mean, I suppose he could appear in an Austin Powers movie..


[01.51.12] <Jamie]>
[01.51.14] <Jamie]> Seriously
[01.51.18] <Jamie]> Who the fuck ever said "outercourse"?
[01.52.14] <DMZ> those are the most disgusting questions I have ever read
[01.52.20] <Jamie]> Agreed
[01.52.22] <Jamie]> Outer-what?
[01.52.22] <Jamie]> Outercourse is what kept me from holding my breath every time my period was late when I was in high school. Although I had an active "sex" life, filled with romance and orgasms galore, no sperm-laden penis ever got near my vagina.
[01.52.43] <DMZ> "sperm-laden penis"
[01.52.44] <DMZ> lol
[01.52.46] <Jamie]> I know
[01.52.51] <Jamie]> Those things are just full of sperm
[01.52.56] <DMZ> mmm
[01.52.58] <Jamie]> When the man ejaculates, the penis goes down like a balloon
[01.52.59] <DMZ> full of creamy goodness
[01.53.14] <DMZ> a balloon!?
[01.53.23] <DMZ> you mean it shoots round the room making a farting noise?
[01.53.49] * DMZ incinerates the logs, just in case
[01.53.59] <Jamie]> *lol*
[01.55.27] * Jamie] posts to LJ, just in case

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(Deleted comment)
He was forced to rely on my logs. At least my times are synched to a tier-1 time source!

Heh, see, I don't keep my own logs. I fear that they might someday be used against me legally...

(Deleted comment)
Yes, but they're the wrong seconds

I got mine from DMZ

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