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Oh goodness... Austin Powers 3 is great. No, really, it's so good :o)

And Seth Green at the start... How yummy... Shame about the hair loss later, but there we go, can't be helped. Despite the fact that most of the jokes were fairly similar to those in the other movies, Mike Myers still executed them perfectly, and the overall effect was great. Almost certainly the last one, which is good - he's quitting while he's well ahead. And, shock horror, Beyonce wasn't actually that bad - I was expecting her to be useless and she wasn't. So that was a pleasant surprise.

But now it's Sunday... I knew sleeping through yesterday would have its downside - it feels like Saturday, but I have work in the morning. Arse. Oh well, early ish night for me tonight, perhaps... Depending on various things.. After all, I think I'm ahead on sleep right now, so I can probably afford to have less tonight if something interesting comes up. Not that this is likely... Still... :o)

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yeah Austin powers 3 was great...
just thought i'd say that....

I haven't seen it yet..but I want you think seth green is yummy huh? I could say the same for you. lol.

Well of course Seth Green is yummy... He's, like, looking totally at his best at the start of AP3.

I, on the other hand, look crap right now :o)

That boy had some rockin' hot hair (when he had it).

You know what I'm sayin'...

I saw it tonight. It was hilarious. Jeff complained that it is missing the plethora of favorite quotables (i.e. - "well, I want a toilet made of solid gold, but it's not in the cards, now is is Baby?"), but I thought the extreme comic/satire genius in every scene more than made up for that. :oD

Exactly, there wasn't a single part of that movie that didn't have a lot of thought going into it, which is more than I can say for a lot of things these days.... :o)

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