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Are you listening..?
Off to see Austin Powers before long... Which means *gasp* going out in public. Not that I don't do that at lunch times and stuff, but you know... Taking my grandmother with us to see it, on account of how she rather likes it the Austin Powers movies. So I ought to get ready for that in a minute....

Oh, and I'm going to Cardiff next Sunday, to watch Arsenal - Liverpool in the Charity Shield. And regardless of what Rach and Chris think, we're gonna kick Liverpool's asses, just you wait and see :o)

Anyway, if anybody left any pressing LJ comments in the last 12 hours, or tried mailing me, don't hold your breath waiting for a reply - my mail server burped and sent me a load of two-year-old mail. Kinda worrying that it still had those e-mails. I got e-mails that were sent during my first ever week of Uni, that's how old it was. Odd...

Anyhow, more later.


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