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first name: James
middle name: David
last name: Webley
nickname(s): Jamie, Jay, Jim, Jimbo
gender: Male
age: 20
birthday: 01/12/1981 (dd/mm/yyyy)
height: 6'2"
weight: 160lbs
hair color: Blonde, brown roots
eye color: Blue
ethnicity: Caucasian
birthplace: Oxford
current location: Brighton (ish)
zodiac sign: Sagittarius
chinese year: Pass
nationality: British
bad habits: I forget
piercings: Right eyebrow
tattoos: Not yet
do you have a boy/girlfriend? Not as such
have you ever been in love? Yes
how many people have you kissed? 11 girls, 1 guy
who was your first kiss? Karen
ever have oral sex? Yes
still a virgin? No
if not, how many times? Don't keep count
how many hearts have you broken? About three, ish
how many people have broken your heart? Two
best quote to describe love? "You know there's a million fine looking women in the world dude, but they don't all bring you lasagne at work. Most of them just cheat on you..."
what is your girl/boyfriend like? F'ing hot
what is your dream guy/girl like? Smart, funny, exciting, beautiful, you know....
would you ever steal a friend's boy/girlfriend? I nicked orangespice off thegreatdark, but I felt really guilty...
do you smoke? No
do you do drugs? Not lately
do you prefer beer or liquor? Liquor
favorite alcoholic beverage? Vanilla Sidekicks, I guess

when was the last time you...
had a nightmare? Night before last
ate at mcdonald's? With Jimbo in June sometime
dyed your hair? April
brushed your hair? Doesn't get brushed
washed your hair? Wednesday night
checked your e-mail? 20 seconds ago
cried? Quietly to myself, yesterday. Properly, a few months ago
called someone? Would have been david a week or two ago
smiled? I'm always smiling :o)
laughed? Watching Clerks just now
talked to an ex? Week or two ago

do you...
sleep with stuffed animals? Yup - my polar bear :o)
have a dream that keeps coming back? Sort of
play an instrument? Guitar(ish)
believe there is life on other planets? Probably
read the newspaper? Yes
have any gay or lesbian friends? Yes
consider love a mistake? No
believe in god? Of sorts
believe in satan? No
believe in ghosts? Not in the usual sense, but kinda
go to church? No
have any regrets? Not lately
hate yourself? Often
have an obsession? Kinda
collect anything? Do memories count?
have a best friend? A couple
like your handwriting? Not overly
care about your looks? Too much
care about a boy/girlfriend's looks? Not overly, but it's still a nice bonus

what are you wearing? Grey t-shirt, black trousers, black/blue socks
shoes? Nope
hairstyle? 'Blonde Mess'
what are you eating? Nothing
anything to drink with that? No
listening to anything? Ash - Shining Light
talking to anyone? No

Why did you get an LJ?: david Made me
Is LJ your first journal?: First online one, yes
Where was your first journal at?: Books and such
Do you leave comments on your friends' journals?: Not too often, but sometimes
Do your friends leave comments on your LJ?: Yes
How did you come up with your username?: It is short for The Unknown James
Do people you know in real life read your journal?: My father, brother, sister, some uni friends...
What kinds of entries do you set as..
Public?: Most stuff
Friends only?: Stuff where I talk about housemates, typically
Private?: Notes to self, emotional stuff, memorable text messages
Have you ever lied on your current mood/music?: Yes, as david will verify ;o)
Do you have a paid or free account?: Paid, naturally
How often do you update your user info page?: When I get bored of the latest crap I've said about myself
How often do you look at your user info page?: Often
Friends LJ page vs. Friends View on your LJ?: Friends View, although half the people on my list don't appear on it by default - guess who you are ;o)
Do you get emails when someone replies to your posts/comments: Yes
Any LJ Pet Peeves?: Online Tests, as it goes ;o)
Favorite LJ feature?: The whole "keeping a log of my entire life" thing
Least favorite LJ feature?: Dunno
Who is your favorite user?: regina_thesuper
What is your favorite community?: blx or ask_me_anything
What do you use to post your entries?: Semagic v1.2
Do you read random journals?: Sometimes
Do you post your quiz results or cut them with the LJ cut tag?: Quizzes suck, and I hate cut tags anyway
Do you have any memorable entries saved?: Used to have 250, deleted a few, I know when my memories are by heart
What kind of mood theme do you use?: Nowt flash

How old were you when you received your first kiss? 17
How many people have you kissed? 12
How many of them were girls? 11
How many of them were guys? 1
Are you a good kisser? I've had good reviews...
How old were you when you went on your first date? 17, or 19, or 20, depending on how you define that
How old were you when you the first time you saw a girl naked? Properly in person, at 17
How old were you when you lost your virginity? 20
How old were you when you first received oral sex? 17
How old were you when you first preformed oral sex? 17
How many girls have you slept with? 2
How many guys have you slept with? 0
Are you in a relationship right now? Not really
Do you have any fetishes? Not especially
Do you like anal sex? No DMZ, I said NO! *ahem*
Do you like toys? Yes
(men) How long is your penis? Long enough :oP
(women) What's your cup size?
Do you prefer to make love or fuck? Both are fun
Are you more dominant or submissive in bed? Dominant
When was the last time you had sex? *cough*July 30th/31st*cough*

What is 'your' song? Don't really have one...
Are you attracted to blondes? I guess, but no moreso than anyone else. Hair colour is such a small issue
How would you define the phrase "going out" or dating? An organised and agreed system (usually exclusive) where two people play head games with each other and constantly try to define emotions using fact and logic in order to make themselves feel stable and secure.
Do you believe in true love? Of course
How old were you when you first fell in love? 17
If someone is in a monogamous relationship, do you think having cyber sex is cheating? If the other person would be upset, then yes
Which quality do you find most attractive when first sizing up a possible romantic partner? Smile, eyes, sense of humour, intelligence...
How many SOs have you 'lived with'? Anything between 0 and 3, depending on definitions
Are you the jealous type? I can be, but I try not to be
Have you ever gone on a blind date? Sort of
What's the youngest person (age difference) you've dated? Three years younger than me (19/16)
I want children because... Because it'd be the most amazing thing I could ever do, to help bring a new person into the world, to shape their personality and outlook, to do my best to make them happy, and to leave something worthwhile behind after I'm gone. I can remember things my father told me when I was like four years old, I want to be able to affect somebody's whole life like that.

Which LiveJournal users have you spoken with on the phone? (47) (let me know if I missed you)
adacuerz, andygeers, arual, brokendoll, bungeyjump, calmu, caramelised, corruptia, davedowns, david, dead_battery, dmz, doctorbob, ed, eliaalariel, eol, everlone, guntrip, herdivineshadow, inane, insomnia108, jerk_off, judethefreak, kingmitch, mertrodome, monkog, morganfrench, nosygit, nozza, oldgit, orangespice, ozjish, queenohrts, scottfreeman, sexy_lex, shy, spidrak, spud203, stephie, sublimec, syrius, tma, unlucky, whiterainraven, woz, xpander, zakarth

Which LiveJournal users have you met in person? (44) (let me know if I missed you)
19021987, adacuerz, adcott, andygeers, arual, brokendoll, bungeyjump, cha5e, caramelised, corruptia, davedowns, david, davidlees, dead_battery, doctorbob, doreenlovett, ed, eol, everlone, flashgordon, greendragon, guntrip, herdivineshadow, jerk_off, judethefreak, kingmitch, kits, mertrodome, monkog, morganfrench, nosygit, nozza, oldgit, orangespice, regina_thesuper, ryn, sexy_lex, shy, spud203, tinygalm, tma, whiterainraven, xpander, xphileuk

Which LiveJournal users have you shared a bed with? (6)
brokendoll, cha5e, david, dead_battery, orangespice, regina_thesuper

Which LiveJournal users have you kissed? (6)
brokendoll, david, dead_battery, nozza, orangespice, regina_thesuper
(note: David would like me to remind readers that I didn't kiss him, I licked him)

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Sure, sure, you licked him. Okay, we'll leave it at that.
You know, I haven't even christened my lj with a survey, I reckon I might have to, at some point. I shall resist!

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