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Booooooored *ahem*
So, I'm sat here, with very little inspiration, on a crappy little computer, and I want to write. It's funny, the feel of these keys is almost like a type writer - I keep expecting to have to whack the carriage across to get to a new line. But I kinda like it - the keys are easy to press, you just have to hit them from the right angle, and you can really tell whether you've hit them or not. But I digress, down a path that can lead only to boredom.

So I want to write. I want to produce some 'work' that I can showcase to an 'audience' of some description, be it one person, or the whole damned Internet. I get like this sometimes, and then I get wholly frustrated because despite my desperate desire to write something, I find myself unable to decide what it is I want to write, let alone the content.

I would write a song, but experience shows that I'm not very good at that. Furthermore, right now I'd really rather just write words, as opposed to sitting here thinking up a melody and chords, and lyrics alone won't be that great. Because the other thing I'd want to write would be some form of poetry, or expressive writing of some description. But I'm not feeling in an expressive mood, just a creative one. The difference is that I want to just attach my mind to a subject (preferably funny) and just go with it, rather than trying to tap into any sort of emotions or anything. I tend to write with my head, because it's a lot more interesting than my heart (to me at any rate).

My silly Usenet guide is about as comprehensive as I really want it to be - adding anything else at this point would be overkill. There are still groups it needs posting to, but that can wait until later. Furthermore, anything related to that would seem too derivative right now - I've written it, it's done, an Adjective Army FAQ or similar wouldn't be a large enough leap away from that. And I'd like to write something fresh.

I want to be creative, which rules out a standard "Today I broke various critical systems at work" post, entertaining though that would be. Similarly a list type post like "Here are the things on which I gratuitously sprayed Acetone" would be boring (though informative).

This creative restlessness is rather aggravating really - it would be nice to somehow express myself in a way that I could be happy with, in a medium that was accessible to others. The best I could probably do is a BLX thing, but I lack inspiration and would rather not just write something for the sake of it. Or I might go write a screenplay for a movie or something... Only, I don't think I'm especially good at coming up with characters - they all turn out to be me, viewed from different perspectives. Perhaps that's all anybody really is, but still.....


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Write a book... or six. Should only take you a day or two.

Give me a subject I'm motivated on, and I'll even dedicate them to you.....

topic: "i always go for older guys"

we went on for a while with that yesterday. and it's funny. guaranteed a best seller

Or... uh... not ;o)

Hey, I could write the first twenty years of my autobiography :o)

Or, well, not. Again.

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