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Farce Party cracks me up sometimes... I just got a message on it from somebody, reading...
I was just browsing through the Face Party profiles and I came across yours. I was just wondering if you are at all interested in my Home Made Porn Movie? It's full of ******* and *******, ******* **** ****....******* ******...*********, ************....Mostly, you will see me with other girls as I'm not that much interested in men. Women are sexier...I'm sure you will agree....Take a look at my profile and tell me what you think. Hope to hear from you soon! ;-)
Yes, I really feel like I come across as somebody who wants to buy her porn off her... That's the exact image I try to project. My response (which I've yet to send because the site is being crap, but I shall try from work) reads thus:
Hi, thanks for your kind offer

Desperate though I am for your home-made pornography, I think I shall have to refuse on this occasion. I too am a pornographer, and produce high-quality video footage of scenarios far more to my own liking. Furthermore, due to the fact that my pornography business makes thousands of pounds every week, I find myself surrounded by young, talented young ladies, who want nothing more than to star in my next picture.

If this was your attempt at an audition, I'm afraid you failed. Back to directing now......

Lots of love,
I don't expect to receive a response back.... Oh, and I may well not be as funny as I think I am - but chances are, I'm funnier than you think I am :oP

Anyway, 'tis time for work... Need to catch up on a few things, although the day off will have given certain tests I'm running a chance to give me some useful data. Then perhaps the pub tonight... And then the amp meetup on Sunday... Fun fun... :o)

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you LOOK like someone who would buy porn off her. ;)

Pfft, shush, or I won't send you the latest copy of Jamie Nekkid Weekly... :oP

hahaha. you're the friggin man! that was awesome.

i hope they write back! i'd like to see what they have to say :0)

jamie nekkid weekly?

Heh, glad somebody finds me amusing :o)

No response yet... Which is a shame, since I'd really love a "FUCK YOU THEN!!!" type reply, just so that I can sit there and laugh for a few minutes :o)

And yes, Jamie Nekkid Weekly is a brief glance at all aspects of nudity as they relate to me, published in weekly issues, delivered straight to your in-box. Collect the tokens inside to win a personal visit from me, with or without clothes.

Offer subject to status, actual state of Jamie may vary according to hairstyle and/or skin complexion. Written details avaiable on request. This offer expires June 1985.

dude! sign me up! wait... offer expired in 85??? that's not cool! you were like 4 or 5 then.

you're rather amusing :0)

you never know, you might get a response saying something to the effect of them wanting to colaborate with you on your next film. hahah

Heh... well, perhaps the offer hasn't expired... But it's irrelevant anyway - the nekkid pics are all on my computer at Uni....

And I'm shocked that somebody finds me amusing - I always thought I was just kinda irritating, in an addictive way.... :o)

And if they ask to collaborate, I will respond with "No, you are too ugly to appear in porn, bye" or something equally horrible. How dare they offer me their lesbian home videos, I mean really - it's just not right.....

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