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Woo, England and Wales got first and second respectively in the 4x400 men's relay. And it was close - I'd have loved for Wales to win, but there we go... I've barely been paying attention to the games, to be honest - athletics doesn't interest me. I blame when I was in Year 9 - at school, I was our house's 400m runner. So it gets to sports day, and for some reason, I couldn't do it - not that I could do it anyway, but still, I came like 6th out of 8. As I recall, I was beaten by a guy who had an asthma attack halfway through - that's how badly I did :o)

(okay, so I stopped to help him and see if he was okay, which might be part of it, but still)

But the 400m is the hardest race, in my opinion, because it's a sprint. Anything shorter doesn't last as long, and anything longer is run as a long-distance jog rather than an all-out run. But yeah, enough of the school memories - they're rarely good. Stupid place, sod it.

Is it wrong that I still get tingles from seeing Metal Gear Solid 2 trailers, even though I completed it months ago? I try not to get too hung up playing computer games - MGS and GTA3 are really the only ones I play (if you don't count Free Cell), but sometimes they just give me this excited tingle, like I'm a kid again. Especially the music - the music on the Metal Gear Solid 2 trailer still makes me go all weird inside. Music rocks.

... Sometimes you just have to lie back and grab the pillows ...

Other things rock.. *sigh*

Heh, I got a call earlier from Chris - I love talking to Australia, the accents are damned cool. And no, I don't have one of my own, TMA. But yeah, that was cool - I think he was congratulating me about last night, although it's hard to tell - I think he was just bored and too sober for his own good, myself. So calling England was the obvious thing to do :o)

Anyway, I'm gonna go have a quick shower, I think..... More shortly :o)

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hehe, this HAS to stop young man :P

(y'know... maybe...)

Don't know quite what you could mean ;o)

(it won't, and you don't mind anyway)

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