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So, yeah, wow. And that's all I'll say about that...

So, my evening, let's see. Got home, showered for 45 minutes, got clothes, watched TV... About 9ish, Rachel came over. And I just saw her off - hopefully she won't get killed by various parents for not coming home.... It was raining, and I said goodbye to her in the street half nekkid - I'm not sure if it was romantic or just exhibitionist, but either way....

I have like three hours in which to eat, go to bed, wake up, get dressed, and get to the bus stop... When this fact starts to bother me, I'll let you know :o)

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So, yeah, wow. And that's all I'll say about that...

Good night then? ;-)

You might say that...... :o)

So close, I have three hours to shower, sleep, eat, and get ready for a theme park trip... I think... more or less three hours anway...



Fuck yeah :o)

But I'm still not a first-date-slut, so you lose.

does it not count that i'd known her for like, 3 months beforehand, and spent like 2/3s of that time flirting with her? :P

It better not count or I'm in trouble. hehe

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