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Sweet July
Okay, today is a good day. Probably. Wonder what the weather is going to be like... So, got up this morning, as one does, managed to actually wake up in time for work (although it took three alarms before I managed it). But it was really annoying - I was having this weird dream, where I really wanted to understand this thing. And I asked how it worked, and the guy was just about to tell me the secret of it when my alarm went off. And I heard it in the dream and desperately tried to stay asleep long enough for him to tell me, but just as he started, I woke up. Blah...

Anyway, got the bus, tried to buy my weekly ticket, and the guy totally blanked me and came out with some line about how they don't do that any more. I couldn't hide my doubt, and gave him a look of sheer incredulity, as if to say "Are you on crack?"... What I actually said was "What, in the last week?" to which he replied "Yes". That's crap - for starters, the guy is a new driver, he's admitted this, and the number of times we've missed turns is ridiculous. He didn't know how to use the machine right, because he was pressing the wrong buttons... The machine on that bus doesn't work properly anyway since it rejects all cards... I rather think that the problem here is that he can't get the machine to give me a ticket - I'll ask again tomorrow, with a different driver, and my money is on it working. Oh well, silly thing really, it just costs me more money, that's all...
Over the course of the day they changed the story again to claim they were fired on by enemy anti-aircraft guns. So what else could they do in response but follow the classic military strategy of summoning a B-52 to kill 40 people at a wedding.
Mark Steel, ladies and gentlemen... Writes for The Independent. He rocks. The above quote relates to the US's stance on the wedding bombing in Afghanistan, and how it wasn't really their fault at all... Every few weeks I just go read a load of his stuff on the Independent website, and it reaffirms my cynicism - sometimes you just gotta have a top-up... On the issue of drugs:
But these people are fighting a losing battle, as by the time we're one-year-old we're introduced to drug culture, not only stuffed with Calpol but sat in front of four bears who always hug each other, have to hear everything twice before understanding what's been said, wander around a field full of rabbits admiring clouds and end up with the munchies, devouring Tubbytoast.
Ah, it's quality stuff. I wish I could write more editorial-style commentary on the state of human affairs, but I just find myself losing my will to live if I start thinking too much about the situation the world is in. I vote that we go back in time ten thousand years and live like cave men. I know I'd be much happier without the complexity that modern society inflicts on people. Perhaps this is why aliens have yet to contact us - they got smart, and decided to play in the trees instead of flying through space. One final quote, regarding political arguments related to the arms industry, and why it is we can't just, you know, stop making things that blow people up...
And then there's the favourite – jobs. Politicians who routinely watch entire industries float into oblivion as "the inevitable march of progress" defend incalculable subsidies to the arms industry because it employs "200 people in my constituency". With this argument you could sell arms to anyone. What about a few tanks for Nicholas van Hoogstraten, I bet he'd find a use for them. Or even non-arms-related industries, such as crack-dealing. Surely we'll soon have an MP on Question Time saying: "It's all very well coming up with proposals for curbing the crack industry, but in my constituency over 200 dealers rely on crack for a living. Are you going to tell them that they can't have a livelihood because it doesn't fit in with your politically correct ideals?"
Like I said - quality. Speaking of which, that reminds me, I'm meant to be doing work today. Delta Flow tests on the moisture analysers, hooray. This is what I did on my first ever day of work, heh... Time to, like, do stuff.... Yay, stuff :o)

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haha. thanks jay. good use of the double t :0)

i dunno. i love my computer. that and my cell are the only way i communicate with the outside world.

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