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If my life were important I would ask will I live or die
Well, halfway through my Monday... And it's not so bad so far... Found out that my guide to Usenet has been posted far and wide, ish, which is cool. People have posted it variously to,, alt.comp.freeware,, My goal with this is just for the thing to pass into the colletive Usenet meme pool, and be distributed as widely as people can manage. Kinda like my online test.

Speaking of which, I still have to think up some questions for a new test... Just as soon as I can bear all the hits on my journal, I guess. My change of style and stuff means that my userinfo page is the only one that will draw bandwidth from my personal site, which is good. Perhaps I should just stop talking about it, and just do it.

I'm wearing my Invader Zim t-shirt today... I really like it, actually, I think it's both flattering and cool - not many things I own can claim to be that. Then tomorrow it's the turn of my grey t-shirt. Is there something wrong with me if I actually plan out my week's clothes in advance?

Uh oh, boss wants me...

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that title looks worryingly like a 'jacob and the technicolour dreamcoat' lyric.

missy. :P

Careful - if you go around spotting Joseph lyrics, people will start talking... ;o)

:O fuck. that was quite expertly turned around. dammit.

all i can say is: touche :P

Heh... Well yes, it's a lyric from Close Every Door... I was in Joseph once... Still know most of the songs. But I never ever ever sing them. So all is well :o)


you were *in* it?! what the hell?

at school? *scared*

Yeah, in school, more or less. I learned how to sing the songs... That, and the Wizard of Oz are the two musicals where I've actually been taught how to sing, so I get all perfectionist over them and then I can't sing as well as I used to and I get all depressed and want to pull my voice box out because I can't hit or hold notes any more....


heh, poor jamie.

i can sing really well actually, meemeemeemeemee!

yeah. i'm great :P

and i know most of the mary poppins ones, which are just sooo much cooler. although i'm gonna make you sing the wizard of oz tomorrow night. ohhh yes.

Once more, you rock, I suck. How 'bout that......

And I can sing Mary Poppins just by watching it lots. I saw it last week, actually - it's great. The scenery is so pretty - all the images of London are like, wow. When they go up the smoke stairs to St Pauls (I think), just the way everything looks... It's so beautiful.

And you might think you're getting me to sing The Wizard of Oz, but you're really not... The only song I can do properly properly properly is Over The Rainbow anyway... And I get too self conscious to sing :o)

ha! vee shall see.

how about this: no wizard, no tummy :P

Hmm, harsh but fair...

Although my singing voice is hardly going to make you want to take off clothes, I think......

i TOLD you. there shall be no taking off :P it's impractical. hehe, there shall be lifting.

Impractical? Hmm... depends what for :P

Anyhow, I'd best get started on practicing my singing then... I'd accompany myself on guitar, but I can't be bothered :o)

heh, thank god for that damn :P

Fine, be that way, you can keep your belly button covered too :oP

dammit. ok, ok, i'll tickle you till you sing!

What makes you think I'm ticklish, eh?

don't care. you are. i bet you are. you look tooooootally ticklish. muahahaha.

Well you'll just have to find out...

:O i said STOP it! remember, we aren't sposed to talk like this :P

Oh yeah. Then I take it back - you won't find out...... :o)

maybe the wizard can give you a voice!

Uh oh, boss wants me...

Thats harassment innit? Unless you enjoy it of course!

You clearly don't know my boss.... :o)

It was worrying - I was in the middle of writing, and he knocked on the window of my office. It was like, argh!

....i know the answers lie far from this land....

dont get me started.

I know I will find my own peace of mind...

very meloncholy title, doesn't seem to relate directly to the post. Then again, perhaps it is not so saturnine a thought. Why do apathy and indifference always come across as negative (when negatives are neither apathetic nor indifferent)?
I stumbled across your page the other day when i came across a quizz you designed. I must say, it is the best written (and genuinely wittiest) LJ I've seen. Ever consider writing in exchange for currency?

Re: I know I will find my own peace of mind...

Heh, thanks, it's much appreciated :o)

And no, I've never written for money - I'd like to someday, but I'm not nearly good enough yet. And I'm not sure who'd actually pay me, come to that...

Zed(my longtime flatmate) and V(her significant other) are launching a literary journal called "the Shame of Khem." If the original edition goes over, it will become a semiannual affair. They won't be paying the contributers, but it would give an opportunity to be published and to sharpen and polish your skills. If you'd be interested in submitting I'll e-mail you the details.
Off topic, what do you think of Bertrand Russell? And what about Rudy Rucker?

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