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Happy Birthday to my journal, if it were a person it would be two years old today. At age two, an individual is expected to have a rudimentary grasp of some language, and to be able to exert some control over bowel functions. Well, I'm almost there.....

Username: UnknownJ
Account Type: Paid Account, previously an Early Adopter
Date Created: 2000-07-29
Journal Age: 2 years, 0 days
Journal Entries: 3,400+
Comments Posted: 8,500+
Comments Received: 12,000+
Support Points: 5

Anyway, just a thought.... :o)

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a cake for the journal (sorry, the flames weren't cooperating). happy birthday journal!

and to think, i just discovered you yesterday!
i initially started reading you because you looked like a boy i knew. by the time i figured out you weren't him, i was won over by your wit and sexy hoboness *lol*

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