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... Sometimes I get to a point where I feel numb and I just don't care ...
Had a reasonably nice day... Did a mile on the exercise bike on a hard setting, doing weights the whole time. Then went outside and practiced Frisbee for a while, with myself. Did a couple of exercises which are meant to improve my reflexes and judgement - basically, I had to practice last-minute catches, and catches with my eyes closed. The latter wasn't exactly easy - I'd throw it straight up, then close my eyes and see if I could catch it. 50% success record - not bad. I'm just thinking, if I have to play in sunlight (uh, likely), then I might need to be able to catch the discs without looking overly hard. So being able to judge where they'll be will be useful.

Oh, and I learned a new throw too, but I can't actually test it out properly until I'm actually somewhere in an open space - I don't think the back garden alone is the appropriate setting for testing out a throw which is meant to flick behind me. I'd lose my disc rather quickly :o)

Then I went over to Becca's for the afternoon, because she invited me. Had a really good time, actually, I've missed her. We chatted about all sorts, naturally I had to give her the grand update on my life and stuff, which is always entertaining. Her life is typically "Still with Mark, feeling okay", whereas mine takes half an hour to explain every time. Still, was great fun, and I certainly enjoyed it. Helped her pick out a new computer, which was about twice as good as mine, and a third of the price I paid two years ago. Still, can't complain - that's what PC prices do....

In between all that, there was a bit of sunbathing - hopefully I'll have a little more colour in my face now, being pasty is all well and good but I prefer to be a little more brown. Makes my skin look nicer, for starters. Just so long as I don't go red, I'm happy :o)

.. you say there is no perfect place, I say I know this is true, we're just learning how to smile, that's not easy to do..

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paaaaasty = jamie :P

but then i can talk. my nose is peeling. it's... um... like... really attractive...

please don't shun me on tuesday :S

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