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No More Fireflies
Wow... This song (David Bowie - Slow Burn) is fantastic... I had no idea how good Pete Townsend was on lead guitar before, and I'm sure I've never heard him play like this.. I'm so impressed - I came downstairs this morning to this song on my dad's hifi, and immediately told him to teach me how to play like that :o)

So, in other news... Uh.... I think I had something to say here. I've decided that in my quest to be more me, I'll abandon my desire to have a 2:1 ratio for my friends list (i.e., have twice as many people listing me as I have listed). It was amusing, but ultimately a bit silly and is just pandering to my ego. So I shall go from my 152:73 now, and add a load of people. Just for fun... [...] ...So now I'm up to 152:90...

Hmm, anyway... What to do today... It's sunny out, and I'd like to just sit out in the sun, but the only chairs we have in the garden are covered with spiders, and much as I would love to have them crawling over me, I think I'll give that a miss. So instead, I might spend some of this afternoon soaking in the bath and just relaxing - after all, it's my last day off work before Monday again. This weekend has gone far too quickly, but that's to be expected I guess - I slept through half the afternoon yesterday, and I've been getting about ten hours of sleep per night. There hasn't been much weekend :o)

Oh, and my journal reaches two years old tomorrow. My first ever post - bless... Oh, and speaking of old posts, it's funny - back in August of 2000, I came up with the idea for my Webley Boxes on White style (which is now one of the system styles). See here:
I've been thinking - I ought to make the "Post a comment" and such things at the bottom of this post graphical. I dunno why I'd do that, but it'd be neat or something. I could incorporate the %%message-count%% or whatever identifier it is into the URL of the picture, and thus have a different picture for each number. That way, I could represent the number of comments graphically. Of course, if ever I got like 60 comments, I'd probably not have an image ready for that. However, my idea is kept practical by a lack of interest in my journal...
Then a year on, I actually managed to make it... I sometimes lack motivation :o)

I wanna make another online test. And put it in place of the other one. After all, so long as it looks different, the same people will do it as did the last one. That's how easy this is. Just need more ideas for questions :o)

Update: Sod that, I'm going to play Frisbee against myself outside for a bit :o)

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"slip away" is much better.

Ahh Slow Burn is so good. I will be interested to see it live in a couple of weeks....

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