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Heh, mood swings... Love 'em. Back to being top of the world.

...I wouldn't have it any other way...

Speaking of which, I've learned this song on guitar. The riff isn't so hard, and the rhythm is E5, A5, B5, C#5, which I can do behind my head. No, like, I can actually do it behind my head. It's the same rhythm as in Summer Wind Was Always Our Song, which I can play quite well. It took once through reading the tab, and once through playing the tab, and now I can play it. Both guitar parts. I can play the song before I even know the words to the chorus... *dances*

And I'll prove it to you later :o)

Rock on. Anyway, so, it's late, I should be off to bed. Halfway through my weekend - ugh... Time passes too fast... If only weekends went as slowly as work days :o)


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