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Great minds
See Timestamp...

[21.10.28] <Jamie> Although, having said that, kids in SD probably do drugs all the time
[21.10.28] <TMA> It's south dakota - of COURSE the kids are taking drugs...


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heh how amusing :)

hope u don't mind if i add u to my friendies list?
*subtle hint - add me back?* :D

aww, hon. you have to try harder than that. i myself had to claim a fig leaf blessed by the greek pantheon of gods, having climbed mount olympus backwards over the course of four nights (not during the day), and then heat it in water to a perfect 67.5 degrees celsius in order to get him to add *me* to his friends list.

*giggles* i'm not that desperate ;)

Pfft.. And why not? :o)

well if you really want, the best you're gonna get is a dance and a wiggle! i'm not up for the whole big trek etc ;o)

Can't blame a guy for trying.... :o)

nah hehe you can't huh :o)

huh. now you're making me look desperate! damn your black heart! :P

You are, Shanu, just admit it.... :o)

oh yeah? well *i* never came knocking on your door late at night begging for a booty call, did i?

:o) sorry... lemme add you to my friendies too?
you're nice hehe

sure, go right ahead. you don't have to ask my permission. ;P

hmmm... i'm not sure what i did, but it had to be something to the same extent i suppose. jamie makes you do some crazy shit to be one of his friends...hahah

he sure does. but it's always great to be a member of that elite and intimate circle, right? heheh...

yeah. it's crazy! hahah



hi... we're in delaware...

Hasn't this happened before, with TMA and the freaky time stamp stuff? I swear, you two must be connected at the brain stem...

Yeah, he copies me at the same time as me all the time.... :o)

Cheeky c**t :p

Exactly what I was thinking.....

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