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Oh yes, I am a hobo...

Fear the userpic

*watches the teen girls flee from his journal*

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
I may be stating the obvious but... why are you always in the same pose in those pictures? And I have hobo gloves, which are far superior and mean... I win? Or something.

What other pose is there?


uglee mann!

*flees from teh journal*

i must say, quite a sexy hobo ^0^

But the hair! THE HAIR!!!


oh, well now i totally can't make out with you anymore. i only do so with hott guys :P

Liar, you want hobos, you told me!! :o)

nah nah the hair adds to the certain sexy scruffy hobo look *bap* duh ^^

There's sucha thing as a sexy hobo look?!

did you just wake iup in that pict??

As good as.. I hadn't done anything since waking up, so...

Just felt like properly looking like me for a change.


Jamie.. Even as a hobo.. you are considered one Sexy Bitch lol ;) .. nice going. *laughs to self* .. hell.. the only person really fleeing from the journal is TMA ^.^ heheh.
later days~
~The Random Lauren~


*puke hysterically*

nah jamie, you still look like a dick.
and get a new pose. that old one is wearing thin.

You're outvoted, go sit in the corner

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You are still cute in the pict, i'm thinking you'll have trouble with this for a while. OH and my Friend agrees, but after reading your Info thinks that "theres more than just cuteness" and "How can he think that these will scare the teenies away they're just as cute as the old ones.."

i vote new pose as well.

This any different?

Or would an action shot be better?

Oh Jamie, you know there is very little you can do to look as repulsive as you claim you want to-- oh, oh wait, what's this? Noooooo! Not a Richard Nixon mask?! No, for the love of hot chips, no!
An action pose, hm? Running screaming from the salivating hordes of teen girls?


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