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For the past month, that's been all there is to my online test. I took it out because it used up more bandwidth than I could be bothered catering for. Over the last three weeks, guess how many people have clicked that link.


That's over 6,000 people per day being told that they are ten.

Other amusing statistics show that over 35 people per day download the video off my userinfo page. People download the video slightly more often than I check my webmail. 80% of the traffic on my site is due to files larger than 1mb.

Onto referrer sites... Most link referrals come from LJ, then DJ... A few OpenDiary variants...

I think I'm just going to have the test.asp page forward to either my LJ, or BLX... Speaking of which, I've updated the userinfo on my community to reflect reviews from people. Well, it amused me, anyway....

I guess I should eat now.

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Is it? IS IT?


i don't re: member. hehe

Yeah, it's interesting...

o yah, that's right. it is.

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