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...Never said I was innocent...
Ugh, damnit, it's still not even at the end of July.... Last two years, I hadn't even started working yet... The year before, my work was coming to an end...

See, there's the thing... Summer of 1999, I did over three weeks of full-time work (in a 6-week holiday). Then 2000 I did about eight weeks over the summer, two weeks at Christmas. 2001 I did another nine weeks over the summer, a week at Christmas. This year, I've done five weeks at Easter and three weeks this summer already.

The point is, I don't think I know anybody who works full-time every single free week off uni they get... I often describe myself as working full time, but having 30 weeks unpaid vacation time which I spend at university. I can feel the crash-and-burn feelings already - by the end of this university year, I'll be half dead. From the start of June, I was revising solidly for Uni... Then I had my exams, which stressed me out more than anything else I've ever gone through. Then a week off, which was mostly emotional and psychological recovery from the exams. Then straight into work for eleven weeks. Then back to Uni, where I have to be working. Then I get to Christmas, when I have to work again in order to be able to afford to live next year. Then the spring term at Uni, which again, will be stressful. Then Easter, when I'll probably be working all day and revising all night.

Occasionally people ask me why it is that life seems so completely futile right now. As if I even need to explain it - there's just way too much stress for me to consider the future as a good thing. Still, there's things that keep me going through it all. For starters, money - if I can work properly this summer, and keep up with it all, then by the time I get to Uni, I'll actually have more money than I need. I don't think I've been in such a situation in years. And money leads to more freedom to do stuff.

Then there's Frisbee. I have to make the team, I just have to. And the important thing for me to concentrate on is my power, thus, my strength. Which is why I've been alternating between 5lb and 10lb weights on my right arm - despite how out of proportion my biceps now look to the rest of my arms, it's still important - need more strength for throwing. Ability-wise, I'm okay - according to Jimbo, I'll be one of the best on the team, since a lot of the good players are leaving, and Jimbo's taught me a load of cool things... :o)

Ah, watching Red Dwarf....

Lister: It hasn't happened, has it? It has will have going to have happened happened. But it hasn't actually happened happened yet, hactually...
Rimmer: Poppycock, it will be happened, it shall be going to be happening, it will be was an event that could will have been taken place in the future, simple as that.

Love it... So yeah, next year at uni... Having enough money to enjoy myself, having a sport to keep me busy and keep me interacting with people... Tournaments all across the country... Socials with the team... Stuff to stop me totally losing it and breaking down again like I almost did last year, I guess. Should be fun doing it anyway :o)

So right now, I just sit through work every day, looking forward to Freshers week, when I'll get to just hang out at uni, go out etc., no lectures... Ahh...

Bah, time to shut up now ;o)

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The point is, I don't think I know anybody who works full-time every single free week off uni they get...

yes you do.

I meant at uni, but I take your point...

Don't you just hate it?

i'm at uni.

and yes i do.

and i'm going to have to work *throughout* term next year as well. so stop complaining.

I meant at my uni :oP

And some of us are already over £15,000 in debt, all told, and will be paying that off for many years to come. So why don't you stop complaining.

some of us are going to be in over £18,000 worth of debt - well over that - when they leave their degree course.

and do you think i don't have to pay my loan off, or something?

Yes, my debt was as of this minute. Doubtless I will be more in debt.

My point was that this is the fourth summer in a row where I've spent more time working my ass off than just relaxing. I think it's valid to complain about that.

and it's my third. and i'm a good two years younger than you.

Jess, you're a year younger. Let's just call it even :o)

In terms of school years you are. Otherwise, you're a little over a year and a half younger

poppycock! i love it! hahah. i'm such a tool. i get the biggest kick out of the words you use in lj.

yay for being a foreigner!

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