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Turn Away From The Pain You Don't Want
Mmm.... I've heard the album version of this song too many times... Back to the original, decent version of the song... Love Bri for sending it to me :o)

...we'd sit in the grass all summer just to watch the autumn come around...

Art Alexakis said "autumn" instead of "fall". And people wonder why he's one of my favourite artists.... Anyway, vague update, on the assumption that I can post it - this computer and/or this ISP is fucked, and I can rarely interact with LJ properly when I'm at home. I find myself wanting to be at work, just so I can post - it's stupid.

Went through a bit of depression yesterday afternoon, but that happens every now and again - my facade of cheerful optimism slips for a second, and suddenly I want trucks to fling themselves in front of me. Still, all better now - it's a lot better than it used to be. I used to have cycles of about a day, which wasn't fun - now I spend an afternoon depressed once every fortnight or something, which isn't bad going. I know people who are worse off.

I say I wish that you could fix this broken thing in me.
You say that'd be a happy, happy day.

Big Brother last night. They showed the Alex-Behind-The-Door bit several times, which was good, since (along with half the country, it seems), that was the point when I decided that in actual fact, he's damned cool. The timing of it was just perfect. Plus, the result was exactly how I wanted it to go (as verified by various witnesses) - I won't spoil it for anybody who hasn't seen it, yet still wants to (dunno how many such people there'd be). Jonny and Kate doing their funny one-legged dance... bless... :o)

Stayed up for a while talking to certain people online, the usual. Fell asleep in front of the tumble dryer... Woke up at 4am... Went to real bed... Had this weird dream, where I went back to Uni for Fresher's Week, and there was this really gorgeous girl, and she and I were getting on really well until Alex from Big Brother turned up. And the two of us started competing for her affection... I think at the end I gave up, realising that I probably couldn't win that one... Then I threw myself in front of a train. But for different reasons. My dreams are weird.

Today I foresee much guitar playing, and if the weather brightens up (it's hot, but not sunny right now) I might actually try doing something. We shall see.....

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oh yes. alex behind the door with his cheeky grin/look, however you describe it...mmm MMMMM!

It's odd really, Art writes gorgeous songs, with really life-affirming, cool statements without being mawkish and cliched a lot of the time (that isn't to say he can't be unbelievably syrupy at times, hehe), but according to in terms of sex partners he's one of the most nasty, ill-mannered and inconsiderate people...

Aww... See, I didn't need to know that.... :o)

LOL sorry, didn't mean to spoil anything :) Doesn't take away from his songs tho, I mean Sparkle & Fade was my Summer album from 96 to 99 really :)
BTW I have to recommend once again, to quote a simpsons bit character (can't remember the name, John Waters did the voice) "Makes you sick in a wonderful way"

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