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Last night, I was just sitting there, as you do, thinking... Suddenly, a random thought pops into my head, and I say:

Ooh, breasts... Mm, I like breasts... ARGH!! PENIS!! NO!!!

And, uh, I don't really know how to finish this story in an amusing way. But it really was one of the funniest things I've come out with lately - there was a certain characterisation to it that was kinda Alan Partridge like... Whatever it was, it was desperately funny the first time I said it, and then lost any effect afterwards.....

Anyway, in other news... Bus driver today didn't know where he was going. But he was a nice person, so that's okay - a small bird flew onto the road ahead of us and he actually slowed down, which was really nice. As opposed to ten minutes earlier, when I was waiting at the bus stop, and car almost mowed down a pigeon. I mean, I hate those birds, they bug the crap out of me, but it still kinda bothers me that this driver knew it was right in front of his car and didn't change speed or anything.... The pigeon got kinda slightly hit, but flew away anyway, so no harm done. But it just struck me as bad. If you really lack enough compassion to avoid hitting an animal, then there's something wrong with you... *sigh*

And on that note, it's time for lunch.... Just three hours of work left.....

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i can't take the word penis. i think it is the daddy of dirty words. breasts i like. the word just rolls of your tongue. but penis? that just sounds wrong.

and they're pretty ugly too.

you never see a really nice statue of a penis anywhere... there are always statues of women's torsoes and breasts. i don't get it. either everyone is secretly a lesbian or there is just some facsination with mamary glands.

although, man boobs are not attractive at all...

What does the Maypole represent, again?

Personally,I am a fan of the human body in all it's forms. As someone who grew up around a great deal of art and was exposed to the art of the ancient and modern non-Christian cultures, I have seen many beautiful, handsome and even humorous sculptures of the male body and of the phallus, erect or otherwise. It is rather unfare to compare genitals to breasts, they serve entirely different functions and you find many fine sculptures, even in our prudish and priggish white western anti-life/anti-sex cultures, of the male torso. It would be as true to say that you never see sculptures by Michelangelo depicting the clitoris and labia. Only where nature has been construed as unclean has the breast become synonymous with the genitalia. Mother's Milk!, what does that say about our culture? At any rate, the Breasts the Penis and Kteis have all wone my aesthetic veneration. Io Priape! Honour to many breasted Diana and her Irish Sister Sheila-na-gig. Evoe!

and they're pretty ugly too.

I'm torn between the two responses of "Mine isn't" and "Heh, you noticed that too"... Pick one....

Female breasts are nice partly because they can be so much more elegant than male genitalia ever can, and partly because they're less taboo. Sure, you don't see many naked women in the streets, but you get an idea of their shape underneath, which means that it's less shocking when you see them normally.

I think if people were more accustomed to seeing 'the last turkey in the shop', then it wouldn't seem quite so ugly :o)


i haven't seen yours so i can't comment... ;0)

i think it also depends on the area around the "little guy" too. if a man has a beer gut, that totally kills any aesthetic appeal his piece can have. but if he's got a killer set of abs and nice definition near his hips, pretty much the only thing that could kill that sight would either be it was too small, it was deformed, or it's a mangina.


What about guys whose abs aren't as well defined as they'd like, but who certainly don't have a gut? ;o)

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"They always look like the last chicken in Sainsbury's" (Barbara Windsor)

And she's seen a few..

Ooh, breasts... Mm, I like breasts... ARGH!! PENIS!! NO!!!

You watch too much Coupling, methinks.

Ah, but one can never watch too much Coupling :o)

One of the best shows ever. With hindsight, I can see how (at least) one of the characters in it could so easily come out with the line I spouted :o)

damn it! the things you miss out on being across an ocean..

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