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One day I'm going to be as funny as Chris Morris, and when that day comes, I too hope to be told off by various watchdogs for making the fucking country think.

I mean really.... It's like a funnier version of the South Park movie, for anybody who doesn't know what I'm on about - in South Park, they parody media hysteria over movies which "corrupt", and got some degree of backlash for the fact that their movie was apparently corrupting. Which was okay.

And then Chris Morris comes along, produces one of the most brilliant pieces of satirical journalism ever, which highlights quite how ridiculous the media gets over Paedophiles, and cue media hysteria over the paedophile aspect of the program. The whole thing pre-emptively parodied the very response to it. If I were capable of that level of genius......

As anybody who has read my Satire Community (shameless plug) will have noticed, half my style is modelled in a Chris Morris sort of vein, just because until I can come up with something original, why immitate anything less than the best? The next stage in that community (which I wasn't going to mention, but why not) is going to be recording video footage (just on the webcam), compressing it, and streaming it off my site. I have the bandwidth for it, so why not? I could mock up a quick set, and I have enough background in acting and deadpan that it can't be hard. Half the stories I write on that thing are from a "How would I say this on the news" perspective anyway, rather than a "How would I write this for a paper" point of view.

Just a thought.... :o)

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Sound good to me - go for it!

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