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Well, it's the end of term. What have I learned? What have I achieved? Here's where I'll go through it all, and try to tell you...

Well, I've fulfilled my initial ambition when I got here to pull at least one girl I was living with. Well, less than an ambition, more just a little dream. I'm in a flat with 8 girls, and I wanted to take advantage of those odds in some way. Well, I've managed that. Not that I don't rate my lass as anything but a fulfilment of an ambition - she's obviously more than that. However, the point is, I managed it. Ha.

I've not got kicked out yet. Despite falling attendance, I've managed to actually stay here an entire term. And next term, things will improve, I'm sure. Apparently, our end of year marks are partially dependant on work submitted during the term, so I think I ought to do that next time. As far as I can tell, my test marks keep me above the fail line, which is all I need to get into the next year, so that's all well and good. But more concentration is needed...

I've checked and verified this, and I have found that I have got Vicky's bra off more than anybody else at Sussex University. Man, I rule... And yes, it was her that it was previously on, rather than, say, me. Or James.

I have learned that extreme rum consumption seriously reduces memory. I have no recollection of at least two separate occasions on which I consumed large volumes of rum and subsequently did silly things. I still find it hard to believe that I was coming onto Alex the other night... Yeesh...

My course is fun. The programming assignments, while difficult and at times hazardous to my wellbeing, have been most enjoyable to participate in, and I have vastly enjoyed all the coding. The AI has been interesting, although less fun, and the maths has just been... well... maths. Which is good, from my point of view...

I live with the coolest people in the world, and I'll be very happy to be spending another two terms with them. Rock on, flat 73 ;o)

That's it. More from me when I'm home, probably. Later, kids :o)


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