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Heh, I crack me up sometimes... I can't remember how many times I've reposted this, but here it is again anyway... Back in the days when I could actually do my coursework, I would stay up for days with minimal sleep just to get it done. What fun I used to have... I'm praying that I have the sense to handle things differently next year.

Anyway, today is Vague Depression Day, or something akin to that. Or is it Random Angst Day... I forget. The point is, it marks one year since a totally excellent time, and I have a weird thing about anniversaries. I always tend to feel all emotional thinking about "how things were a year ago today", for no apparent reason - still, it means I never forget anniversaries and stuff (too busy living in the past to do that).

But yeah, so today is kinda important. You know how you sometimes get days where you just know it's the best day of your life so far? Where it's beyond a doubt that it's the most perfect day you could possibly imagine... I mean, obviously sometimes you'll have a day that's really good, but I'm talking about a day where you know that you've never before had anything like as good a time. Well I've got two of those (August 11th 1999 and July 24th 2001), and the anniversaries tend to floor me, just because I sit there wishing I was having as much fun as I did back then...

So yeah, a year ago today... Well, just over a week before then, Jen and I had gone camping, which was excellent fun - I saw animals I've never seen before - chipmunks, skunks, it was great. Well anyway, at this camp site, there were showers and stuff, one set for men, one for women, and this huge, really nice disabled one. Anyway, reasoning that the odds of anybody requiring those facilities actually coming camping were slim to none, we... well, anyway, we didn't go in there, on account of how Kait followed us, which was irritating. So yeah, a year ago today, we were feelin all claustrophobic on account of how we rarely got time away from Kait, or the guys in Belleville, or like, anybody... We were planning on going back there to spend some 'quality time' together, as you do, so we packed a few things, and went up to the woods. And lo, nobody occupying the shower, no Kait...... That's where my description ends.

But yeah, that was such an amazing day... And also rather important, personally, hence the whole depression thing on the anniversary. Still, life isn't at all bad right now, so it's not overly important... That's about all the moaning I'll be doing :o)

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i dont mean to be all "woe is me"...

i have the anniversary thing too jamie. my best friend blames it on the fact i keep a diary, so always know what i was doing and how i was feeling on days passed... its positively torturous sometimes. i was lucky enough to have quite a few more than just two gorgeously memorable days but looking back really hurts sometimes i know.

Re: i dont mean to be all "woe is me"...

Yeah, the journal doesn't help me - in addition to those two best days of my life, there's also a lot of really good days, and a lot of really bad days, and I always seem to dwell on them a little more than I'd like. But it's only the extreme ones which really bother me.....

Re: i dont mean to be all "woe is me"...

ive always said the best way to approach days like those is to take them one minute at a time, and be thankful that they happened, not sad that they are gone.

(no, i cant do it either.)


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