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Nuts to the databases, for they shall plague my day no longer!

Yes, that's right, I've finished the latest database, and that's going to be it for about a month (perhaps a bit less). Or, to be a little more accurate, that will no longer be my primary job (naturally, I'll still be DB tech support here). I'm actually going back to the first task I did at the company, two years ago. I quote from one of my earlier journal entries:
"Well it's noon, and I just had my first break of the day. Been doing tests on the moisture sensor, and reading about how the whole thing works. It's very interesting, and has so far given me 66 quid, which is rather good."
And this, the account I recorded into my programmable calculator on my third day of work:
Switched moisture oven on and fine tuned valve to 100ish
Read about the 8500 Permeation Instrument
Theorized about presence of Hydrogen in Nitrogen supply
Messed up the tuning
Retuned to 100ish
Read confusing and complex schematics
Read about thermocouples and their use in supercooling
Drew up plans for a new test process
Found odd dip in ambient temperature at 13:00 yesterday - odd...
Flow at 99.60 - as close as I'll get
Gerry asked what we actually do in Research and Development. I try to explain, and fail
Waiting for 1pm to arrive
6 minutes until lunch (plus 15 minute walk into to the town)
Ate lots. Now helping with MS Excel.
Suddenly realised how lonely my life is
Decided to ignore my life in favour of the moisture levels in the XDT/D. Bet even that gets lonely sometimes.
Spoke to Bryan about test ideas - he says we should get a bit of kit costing a grand to knock H2O levels down to PPB
Spending 5 minutes doing things, followed by 25 minutes of waiting for accurate results
I was right about the hydrogen, and the expensive tests. Considered a car over PC. Then realised how silly that is...
Heh... I amuse myself at times, I really do... And finally, wise words:
And I'm allowed to bitch about David, because he's David, and I'm James. It's probably in the rule book somewhere...
Sorry, I know it's random, but I said it about two years ago, and it's still ever so true... So yeah, my job is back to what it used to be - testing the moisture sensors, and trying to get some idea of the effect of using Hydrogen and Oxygen as carrier gases. I have another few instruments to learn the scientific principles of, and to learn how to use. So I have a manual here, which I'll have a go at reading.... :o)

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Oooh Jaems - with a little more practice you could easily become a process operator! ;0)

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