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I have just made another bet with TMA... The mug...

The terms of this bet are:

I win £20 if I stay chaste and virtuous for one year.
I have to pay out £20 if I stray from the path of Being Good.

It's kinda like the movie Forty Days and Forty Nights, only apparently, I'm not Josh Hartnett... ;o)

Furthermore, I have bet him the same, roles reversed. If I remain chaste for a year, and he does not, then I win £40 in total. If, on the other hand, I inadvertantly become corrupt and he stays innocent, then I lose £40. Exciting....

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i could so do that...

No more bets, please :o)

Easiest £40 I'll ever make...

You don't think I can remain innocent and sweet for a year? :oP

Just watch me.

I'm not Josh Hartnett... ;o)

You're far more better looking than him.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that that's a minority opinion ;o)

Hush you, you want me ;o)

Not an opinion, the absolute truth.

Well I don't think many people see it.... :o)

I wonder why not. You are very handsome :)

Well in theory, if nobody sees it, it's not true.... :o)

I do not agree. Someone sees it..therefore it must be a little bit true ;)

Heh, well thanks :o)

YEAH! I so tottally agree!!!

think I could get 40quid in arrears off him? ;-)

Heh, I doubt it, he's a tight-fisted bastard. The only reason he agreed to the bet in the first place is because he thinks I'm a total slut and that his money is totally safe. I'll show 'im....

What's really gonna happen is that you two are either gonna forget the bet... both lose, thus making it even, or both win, thus making it even...

Doubtful, there's money at stake, he'll never forget it...

I remember back in January, I bet him £20 that I'd be single for six months... I lost that one. And he didn't forget :o\

Hahaha, but, see, that's not a year... that's just a few measly (spelling?) months....

Regardless, he'll remember. It's £40/$60...

Quite - £40 is not small beer. In fact that would buy you a huge fuckoff beer and you could get totally shitfaced. I may do this.

Yeah, but I don't think you'll be able to hold out for a whole year, so :oP

I have faith in the abilities of my right hand...

*pre-emptively claims 4 conversation killer points*

things like this distub me.

Because its kinda like you're trying to prove some thing that no one else should have a say in...

Meh, what do i know.

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