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I love looking at the world in a mirror. Or upside down. It's never quite the same, it feels really unfamiliar. Anyway, so, it's lunchtime, give or take... As per usual, I spent it chatting to Chris - I'm actually really enjoying spending my lunches with him, it's just like old times back at school. Although back then, a lot of my stories didn't involve me getting naked....

(note: it's not quite how it looks - I was discussing the time I got nude at Halloween (talk about scary costumes eh), and various naked videos (the latter in a discussion about Big Brother audition tapes))

But yeah, it's just like in the olden days, when we'd hang out at lunch at school... It's so funny to think of when he first joined the school back in Year 8, and joined out tutor group - who'd have known that he'd ultimately become one of my best friends. We used to have such a laugh in Science lessons at GCSE, and Electronics... Then at a-level, because I was off in my stupid other maths group, I didn't get to spend any lessons with him, so it was just lunchtimes. Him, me, Dan, Mike, Ben, Oliver... Oh, and Grant, not that he even exists any more - he got sucked into the black hole that is "Counterstrike Obsession", and stopped ever coming out.

Speaking of Grant - one time, we got in the car and drove to his house to invite him out to the pub. His mother answered the door, we asked her if Grant could come out, and she couldn't get him out of the door fast enough. She seemed fairly desperate that he should spent at least one night that year actually doing something, she even gave him money for the pub. That was cool.... Not seen him since, mind.

In random news, I saw Nick Mullen on the streets the other day. Mind, nobody reading this will remember him.. He was in my Drama GCSE class, and knew the capital cities of every country in the world (I still know that Thimpu is the capital of Bhutan, or something like that). Odd kid, really... Must try to catch up with a few people before it's too late - it's been about four years since I've seen him already.

Anyway, I'm just babbling, and while I kinda enjoy it, I shan't inflict it on anyone else :o)

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1. Mallen's Livejournal is brimming full of interesting stories.
2. Nick Mullen was 'Lance' of Neighbours.

praise the lord.

What useful input - thanks!

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