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Okay, now, where was I? There's something about a lack of sleep that starts my head spinning whenever I try to think of something to write, so it's quite possible that this will make no sense. People may be hard-pressed to tell the difference.

Anyway, I wrote more Satire, but again, the finished product didn't exactly live up to my expectations... I need to try harder, I think, if I'm to write stories which are as amusing to me as the initial ideas were. I have another couple in my head, which might be fun to do. The first is a very specific idea which I might try later today, and the other is just a vague idea for an angle, rather than an actual story. We'll see how it pans out...

Got an... interesting... amount of sleep last night. Must.try.harder. I slept through yesterday afternoon, and a little yesterday evening, which meant that I could stay up until about 5:30am without problems, something which I thoroughly enjoyed... Then when I did go to bed, I got a couple of hours sleep, although failed quite spectacularly to wake up properly, no matter how many times it was attempted. Still, I got up in the end, only to find that the bus decided not to turn up. Might as well have slept in for another couple of hours...

Still, my mother gave me a lift in to work, and here I am, jiggly, and full of juice. Uh, Zim quote, disregard. Time to work on them damned databases...


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