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It's nine in the morning, and I feel like being petty, so:

At the bottom, they talk about how MMO2 was "demerged" from British Telecom. It's sad how the BBC are jumping on this "demerge" word and using it as though it exists. To clarify - "merge" is a verb meaning "to swallow up", and as such, the prefix "de-" ought to mean the undoing of said verb. However, since MM02 did not at any point undergo a merger with BT, it cannot be demerged. That is just silly. Furthermore, according to the only dictionary I can find it in (Webster's), "demerge" is synonymous with "submerge", which is really not the word they're looking for here. It doesn't even exist in the context they're using it, except to people who invent words because they sound right without actually thinking....


Blasted media, why won't they employ me? I know how to use real words an' everything....

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Well I can't argue with the logic there! But having worked on the "de-merger" project for MM02 I can only surmise that it is yet another business term/word which has been widely accepted!

I can only surmise that the fact BT Wireless was part of the overall BT Group that it was considered to be part of their blended business solution and as such was merged with certain operations. In that case the created term "de-merger" must represent the removal of BT Wireless (MM02) from their business operations. Moreover there were certain parts of BT Wireless which were removed and brought BACK into BT Group. So IF the word de-merger were to exist the meaning could easily be applicable.

Can't argue with the language logic! Suffice to say though it is a widely accepted business term which was IS accepted within legal circles also.

So hmmmz - you are right - but that won't stop the word existing! Language evolution?

and as such was merged with certain operations

But to merge is a verb, rather than a state. If they started off as one then you can't de-merge them, because they never merged in the first place...

Stupid people making up silly words ;o)

Indeed - there are certain physical activities which need to take place for the "merge" to occur! It doesn't just happen!

Funnily enough I am about to go into a conf call about the MM02 work! don't think I'll bring this up though - may not be appropriate! :0)

Go on - have a right old go at them, and accuse them of encouraging the further bastardisation of the English language ;o)

They'll never employ you, because you don't encourage people to accept people of different cultural backgrounds by desensifying[sic] them to comedy accents and poor grammar. You'd encourage kids to be really anal about such things, and while you'd probably make today's youth more literate, you'd also make them into arrogant snobs.

Saucer of milk for Ms Liam, please...

I'm not especially anal over grammar, with the exceptions of apostrophe use, semi-colon use, and when idiots make up words without thinking about what those words actually mean.

You're such a megolobobsleighbastardingfishmonkier.

Gah, I was playing devil's advocate. I'd employ you.

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