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Roll, bitch, roll...
In more random news, it started raining earlier. My first instinct was to go upstairs, change into swimming trunks, and go just stand in the back garden and let it rain on me. So that's what I did, and it was fun :o)

Then this week at work, I've been doing hand stands in my office. And I always seem to spontaneously dance just because I want to. I like being like this...... *sigh*

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Being out in the rain in fun...

Swimming trunks? How adorable.

Adorable? clearly he's a freak

Why bother with swimming trunks? I mean, unless you're wearing something overly nice or a suit...

But if you can't feel the rain all over your body, then what's the point? :o)

You do though, you do! Your clothes will be soaked... it's so much fun to just run outside when it's pouring too...

Heh, sometimes it's just fun to be like a kid, feel like a kid...

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