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..I am so much better than I used to be..
It's the weekend, and I can't quite recall going to bed... But I certainly did, because I woke up in it. If only I'd been doing something fun to result in that amnesia, but sadly no - I was just sitting up watching TV. Fly like a mouse. Run like a cushion. Be the small bookcase.

And right now, I'm watching Back To The Future III. I love it.... Back to the Future has got to be the best trilogy in existence outside of Star Wars. I love it... I'm not sure why I'm watching it - I can quote the whole movie backwards, but still, it's always good fun to watch. Other plans for the weekend - sleep. This is my time to relax so that I'm ready for work next week, which will in turn tire me out for next weekend. Still, I've only got about nine weeks more of it, and it'll pay the rent, so....

Apparently I should eat, so......

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Star Was isn't a trilogy though... not anymore anyway... :þ

Depends on your perspective. I'd certainly consider the original movies to be a trilogy no matter how many new ones they make :o)

And BTTF won't be a trilogy for much longer...

Oh yeah, I heard about that.... Hollywood has obssessions with sequels... I also heard they wanted to make a script for another Indiana Jones? õ_Ô

I heard the sequel was canned, and good riddance too....

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