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And as we near the end of another week....

It's not been so bad, really. Work is actually okay these days. The Quality Inspection went well, so since then I've been working with databases. The general premise is that we have a lot of forms for everything, but at the same time, everyone has access to a computer. So just stick the forms onto that and have them linked to a database.

So yeah, I have a list of three or four things that need turning into databases. Then I can start looking at where there's common information, and perhaps provide some tools to link the two databases (for example, an engeineering change note will go on a DB, and will refer to items on another DB, so I can make the two things talk to each other). The mini-project that started out as just giving the serial number database an overhaul is fast turning into a rather large project to create a company-wide system to tie together a lot of the paperwork that used to be involved.

However, it still gets tedious - revisited below is the list of landmark times throughout the day:

09:00 - half an hour gone, I get to feel like I've made a start
09:30 - Been here an hour
10:00 - 90 minutes gone, 1/5 through day
10:30 - Two hours gone
10:45 - Halfway to lunch
11:00 - Two and a half hours gone, 1/3 through the day
11:30 - Three hours gone, 2/5 through day
12:00 - Afternoon starts
12:15 - Halfway through day
13:00 - Lunch, 3/5 through day
14:30 - 2/3 through day
15:00 - Two hours left
15:30 - 4/5 through day
16:00 - One hour left
16:45 - Sod off home

So basically my rationalisation at each time is "Not long to go, because..." followed by a variation on the above reasons. I sit here just waiting for the next landmark, so I can say I'm 1/3 through the day. Sad really, but when you take somebody as lazy as me and put them into a full-time work environment after three months of doing nothing, it's to be expected. I'm surprised I can actually manage this work (although obviously Internet breaks are taken (although, to be fair, I don't take any coffee breaks so it kinda balances out)).

Anyway, only an hour and a half left of my day (as you can see from the explanation above), and then I get to go home and watch TV. And practice my hand-stands. It's good fun, really, you should try it. I'm doing it as an exercise in "Learning to be upside down", since I kinda have an aversion to that. Long, boring and pointless story, I won't go into it right now :o)

More later, if I can be arsed - I find myself not bothering to post at home, but there we go.....

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And practice my hand-stands. It's good fun, really, you should try it. I'm doing it as an exercise in "Learning to be upside down"...

Hahahaha that had me in stitches - nice one Jaems!

can you do handstand pushups? they're fun!

I've not tried.... Getting upside down is difficult enough for me...

do you free stand or have a wall to brace yourself on? i've only been able to do the handstand pushups when i'm directly up against a wall.

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