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How fragile, this fickle mood...
Certain people are doing my head in, and it's only a matter of time before I just get fed up with the lot of you, so watch it. No, really, it's getting to the point where I'm starting to want to throw people through windows and stuff just to shut them up.

Oh well, on the bright side, it's Friday tomorrow, and maybe I'll feel more comfortable with other people by then... And if not, I can isolate myself in a little TV trance and watch the box for a few hours. Highlights will include Will and Grace, Tim getting his arse evicted on Big Brother, and Dare To Believe, the funniest show on TV ever. All in all, not the worst way I could spend a Friday night, by any means. And then that takes us to Saturday, when Rach is (briefly) coming home, so I might get to talk to her properly a bit. Then she's off again, but still, Saturday marks half-way through her absence. *sigh*

The Quality Assessment at work is now over, and we did well. Rejoice! So it's time to relax a bit (not that I've not already been doing that), and work on the databases a bit... And then next week, it's back to the maths/chemistry stuff that I used to do there. If nothing else, this job has done wonders for my general experience of working - I've learned a lot of how companies operate from Steve and Pete, I've learned endless amounts of chemistry from Jon and Bryan, I've self-taught myself a load of database solutions for small businesses... Should be good for me in future.

Been working out money stuff. My pay from this month will fund August's rent, plus the money I owe Claire and Spidrak (you'll get your money, I swear, just you wait and see). What's left over can fund the rest of my summer or something, which means I'll have the money to do fun stuff (got lots planned, but nowt I can talk about right now, you'll all see soon enough). Then August's pay will pay the rent for September, October and November. Then I get to September's pay, which'll pay December's rent, and give me fair bit left over. Which when added to my student loan for next term, will allow me to basically live in a style appropriate for my last ever year at Uni (with any luck).

Heh, I've got a mail from Claire that she wrote while utterly pissed out of her head. It's the sort of thing I'd expect to find on my journal, it's that bad - glad she's having a good time in Canada. She's probably not going to be home until later September, so I've still got ages without seeing her - blah. She got a high 2i for her second year (of four), which is good news (since she tried hard). And here's me, with my best exam result as a 2ii... Oh well, it's not like I even care about last year of uni - it's done with now. Still, I wonder what Jimbo got.....

Anyway, I ought to go to bed - I have a busy day tomorrow bombarding a certain person with random text messages, trying to write some more satire, and actually doing some work too. I had a nap earlier, so I've already had about an hour and a half of sleep (if a little on/off) tonight - along with the seven hours I'm about to get, that should leave me reasonably ready to face another day. The fun never ends :o)

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current mood: i dream of a girl in a blur tshirt

ok, so i'm possibly the only one who gets this refernce, but can i say - me and sarah are vomit inducing? :P

Yes. Yes you are.

Squee?! WTF is that meant to be?

its like a super cute noise :P

like, you bounce around going "SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" :)

well, it makes sense if you have our deranged sense of humour :)

And you do look and sound super-cute doing it :)

Deranged sense of humour? Moi?

And this is why you're sickening. Thank you for proving my point ;o)

Danuek, are you *me*:?!?!?!:?! :P

He might well be, and I don't think it's anything to be proud of ;oP

Danuek is my alter ego. It's official, Jaems says so :D

Plus, your legs are gay.

Plus, your legs are gay.

You don't even get the reference, emo boy :o)

So? It made me laugh for about an hour.

Is it from Zim? I wanna see that. ::cries::

Well that's okay... :o)

Yeah, the quote is from:

GIR: Surely you know the SIR code enables free will in the event of the mission being compromised
ZIM: You tell me what I already know?!
GIR: Did you know that?
ZIM: Of course I... Uh... Your legs are stupid!


*goes to check nickelodeon*

if i am, i have two women on the go. which i'd say is pretty good going ;)

damn straight :P

i come to you from an internet cafe (where currently, one pound buys you 353 minutes!) at five past eight in the morning. with jess. :P the things i do for this girl :P


353? thats like.. 6 hours. thats probably cheaper than my BT subscription...

It was cool, but now we're at my HOME, yah!

why not do what i do when people are pissing me off and simply get a good sturdy shovel, line it up with the side of their irritating head and swing with power and gusto, forcing their brains to spill out over the floor in a shower of blood?

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