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Onto actual events now... No, wait, back up, first I want to look at contractions of two words. Surely I should have said "On to", rather than "Onto". I'm not sure why, but when people stick two words together, it just irritates me... Sometimes it's wholly erroneous, when "a bit" or "a lot" become "abit" and "alot", but much of the time it's just when everybody uses a single word where the meaning would be no different using two words. I will concede that words like "everywhere" do not specifically mean "every where", given the meanings of those words today - "where" is no longer a synonym for "place", as it perhaps once was. However, there are so many good examples of places where one word is used in place of two in quite the wrong way:

"Thankyou" is not a word


Even words like "indeed" strike me as wrong (despite the fact that I use them), because "in deed" means the same thing. "Outside" is the same - it means "out side". Gah, I don't know why this bothers me, it just does - and the stupid thing is, I use these words so often myself. I blame society conditioning me to do so, and naturally I would work to fight society if I hadn't been programmed so well...

Uh, okay, so now I get on to events. Last night, got home, and watched Enterprise. Okay, let's for a second ignore perhaps the worst theme tune to a show ever, the opening titles were still impressive - it was a fun little slide show of the stages of human space exploration, naturally including bits from First Contact and stuff. The show itself wasn't bad, it's nice to have the whole Star Trek universe enriched in that way... Plus, Scott Bakula rules, there's something almost Rimmer-like about him. He also (inexplicably) occasionally reminds me of Charlie Sheen (who married Denise Richards the other month, by the way), which isn't at all a bad thing.

After that, I got ready and went out to the pub with Chris, Chris and Dan. We were going to go to The Star, since it has pool and darts, but it was closed for renovations. Odd, since three months ago, it had only just undergone renovations and become a bar. Could it be that perhaps a bar in a small village in the middle of nowhere is inevitably going to fail? It's a shame really, because I quite liked it - comfy couches, games.... So instead we had to go to the place we usually go to, which is okay, but they got rid of the pool table to make way for extra seating (which barely ever gets used)... Still, 'twas nice to see people again.

Then back home, horrifically sober under the circumstances, had a massive long talk with Rachel and got a load of issues out of my system, which was a really big thing, so yay. And then I went to bed, and here I am the next day. Simple :o)

Ooh, by the way, for anybody who cares, I've updated my bio on my userinfo page, just because I was bored and stuff... Yes, it's a bit up-my-own-arse, but I don't care that much - I get like that when I'm happy, and the alternative isn't all that much fun, so....

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Plus, my favourite thing in the whole wide world is being told I'm "hawt" by idiot fourteen year old American girls who don't know any better.

=X I'm glad I'm not 14. . .

Well that's okay then :o)

Holy shiznit that's a long bio! Erm.. yeah, anyway.. I get what you mean with the words, here's another one for you... "alright" and "all right"... I've begun trying to get myself to use "all right" and "a lot"... and stuff....

Ah, that was one of the ones I was trying to remember - I hate that word, although again, it's possible that I've used it from time to time....

where does it stop though?
all though = although?

Are you going to just keep regressing the evolution of language until we're back to where we were in the middle ages? And perhaps you want to go on a revolution to get rid of all the french words in our vocabulary as well, do you? Bah. Let language change. As long as people don't create teeny-words, use things in the wrong context because it's some manner of trend *(such as "that's beast" in my sister's school at the moment)* or use random numbers in the middle of words, I'm happy.

And I think that you're a big troll for getting annoyed.

If you thought you were annoying me, you should perhaps try a bit harder ;o)

Damn jamie.
If I was actually trying to annoy you, do you actually think I'd use the comic insult of "troll"? I'm insulted that you think me so amateur. Bah. I spit at your lj. And now must wipe my saliva from my monitor. brb.

Wouldof. It's not a word. It's not even a phrase when you separate it. That one drives me insane; completely berkers.
I remember being 14 (just). I never told any guys they were 'hawt'. I told guys they were 'insufficiently entertaining to get their mitts on the goods'... hmm. I think I just discovered why they thought I was frigid.

People say "wouldof"? Good God... I occasionally say "would've", but that is the correct contraction (with apostrophe and all), so I can be forgiven. Wouldof? Really? You mean that? *sigh* Kids these days...

See, when I was 14, I never told guys they were "hawt" either... I dunno why kids these days seem to.... :o)

XXXDDD I HATE how people always think it's "wouldof" rather than "would've".... it makes no logical sense for them to think that.... and thus, I cry... ;_;

that's not even that bad, it's more of a spelling error than usage. however, someone i once knew habitually used the phrase "i had so much of fun" in place of "i had so much fun." she will still defend it. it doesn't even start to make sense.

and then there's always the ones who confuse "than" and "then":

We have more apples then oranges.

or ones like myself who refuse to use capital letters for anything other than clarification purposes...


My friend says "underneath of the..." and it makes me want to strangle her. My grandmother says Irregardless (which isn't even a word!) and I hate when people write would of. In high school, there were still a staggering about of people who did not realize that it's actually 'would have' and not 'would of.'
I hate the school systems. -_-


Thankyou is now a word =) I guess they got fed up with all those people writing it wrong.

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