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This is the moment you've all been waiting for...

Well, okay, it's not, but it's the moment I've been waiting for, and that's enough for me. Yes, that's right, it's exam results time - I have my second year marks back now. So without further ado, some details:

Overall Score: 38.2%

Maths: 34%
AI: 38%
Essay: 79%

Failed Modules:
Statistics and Probability - 29% (fail by 1%)
Non-Symbolic Artificial Intelligence - 29% (fail by 1%)
Differential Equations - 18% (fail by 12%)

Good Modules:
Group Theory - 45% (3rd)
Numerical Analysis - 55% (2ii)
Noiseless Coding Presentation - 78% (First)
Noiseless Coding Essay - 80% (First)

Percentage next year required for an overall...

... 1st: 92%
.... 2i: 75%
... 2ii: 59%
... 3rd: 42%

So yeah, basically, I don't need to do any resits, I'm through to the final year, and I only need 92% to get the top grade. Oh, how easy it would be, if only I put in the effort - I know for a fact that 92% is well within my grasp, if I actually attend lectures and things. Since the start of November, I've only been to four lectures, which might explain why I did poorly. However, if you bear in mind that I got a 2ii in Numerical Analysis having never attended a lecture or workshop on it, and having only spent two days working on it, then that gives you some idea of what's possible.

So, the plan for next year is quite simple - work a bit, and all will be fine. I know I can finish this course with a 2i, because all I need is 75% next year, which is only just over a First. Attending lectures, getting detailed notes, doing a bit of extra work, that's all that's really needed here. Nothing is out of my reach, especially nothing mathematical (I won't go into the reasons for that now because it tends towards an ego trip, just trust me on that) - I just need to find the motivation to bother...

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Its always great knowing you can do it! But then I'm a firm believer that everyone is capable of doing most things they set their mind to - excepting any disabilities of course!

There is sadly a huge difference between knowing you can do it and actually doing it! I'm sure you would hate to look back and continue to tell us all that you knew you could have done it but didn't find the motivation etc etc!

So come on - head down next year mate and get some bloody work done! Its only one year in your life after all!

Hmmm that doesn't read quite as motivational as it is meant to be! Ack well - the point is in there somewhere! ;0)

I'm sure you would hate to look back and continue to tell us all that you knew you could have done it but didn't find the motivation etc etc!

Well that's why I intend on doing well next year. I don't actually regret this year's performance in the slightest - I've had a great time at uni in the past 12 months, and I wouldn't change it for a moment. So I can live with myself for this year, but I'll have to act differently in future if I'm to maintain that No Regrets style outlook. However, I know this, and I'm ready to get to work properly in my final year, if for no other reason than to shock all the staff who have no doubt already decided that I'll do badly :o)

And agreed, it's only one year in my life - however, bear in mind it's one year in the prime of my life... I've pretty much not had any fun up until I went to Uni, and it won't be too long before I'm too old for fun (you know, like you are ;o)

But seriously, yes, it's one year in my life, but it's a year in my life where I could be having a LOT more fun than I might in other years :o)

Hehehehe! Oi!

I dunno mate there is lots of fun to be had when you leave Uni - and if you have that bit of paper (regardless of what you think of it at the end of the day) it can help provide money to enjoy yourself too!

I do hope you do well - I've no doubt you can do it if you set your mind to it - its just that finding motivation is the hard part!

*woz continues to stare at latop blankly*

Uh... you failed the year. Are you sure they're going to let you back? At a quality university such as mine, attaining a failing grade in the 2nd year means instant dismissal.

Oh and I failed more modules than you so shove it ;)

Uh... you failed the year

Only just ;o)

From my point of view, I passed - I get to go back next year, so that's success. It's a worse pass than a 3rd, but still a passing grade ;o)

Are you sure they're going to let you back?

Positive - the returning grade is 30%.

At a quality university such as mine

If we recall, I told Warwick to fuck off, took their stupid maths extension paper anyway with no revision, got a First, and then went to the university that was actually good ;o)

Oh and I failed more modules than you so shove it ;)

I don't care, my overall grade was worse. Plus, I bet I probably got a bigger gap between grades than you - an 18% and an 80%. Beat that ;o)

You win. But you got 0%. So in another way, you slightly lose ;o)

did you do *anything* for that 0%?
it's damn impressive.

Yeah I kinda scribbled something that looked vaguely chemicaly... but as I didn't know the very specific mechanism involved I just couldn't answer the long question, so... no marks. Yay.


that is impressive!
I'll be getting similar marks when I go no doubt..

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