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Heh, Saddam rocks... He said, and I quote:
"You will never defeat me this time. Never!"
In my opinion, the world needs more evil dictators who really get into their roles, and try to develop a more stereotypical approach to tyranny...

Shame I still can't take the guy seriously after his appearances in South Park :o)

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hehe maybe we could clone idi amin (uganda). he's my fav! this ex heavyweight boxer in his military uniform with something like 500 medals on it. and he was shit stir crazy too.....

yeah, seeing sadam and satan playing with dildos together really takes the seriousness out of everyone's loveable little saudi. i can't believe satan is his bitch... what is the world coming to?!

I have to say, after South Park, I kinda like the idea of Hell... it looks fun :o)

doesn't it! satan seems like a pretty cool guy :0D

Yeah, and I bet he gives great hugs...

yeah, the we can send Bruce Willis to take him out! ;)

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