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James has just gone home. Now it's just me, Vicky, Alex, Harry, Lulu and Annie. Me, alone in the house with 5 girls. Freaking excellent. We're going to Pizza Hut later, I think. Woo...

In other news, I've not slept for the last 25 hours or so. I should really think about doing that sometime soon, really... And I've taken David off my LJ friends list for a day for being an asshole and posting a huge long survey. Twit ;o)

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you have pizza huts over there in jolly england, and yet you don't have taco bells? that's crazy, seeing as how they're owned by the same company. i think if you ever decided to introduce a taco bell over there, you'll become a very rich man. i had a friend from reading, england, come stay with me for two weeks in the summer here in the US. he thoroughly enjoyed the taco bell experience.

Hmm... I too enjoyed the Taco Bell experience, thanks for taking me there :o)

OK, so I didn't eat all that much, but you know, just being there with you was enough :o)

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