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And so begins another day in the office... Oh, it's a hard life... Today's task, believe it or not, is "Print out every document you can find on the system", or something closely approximate to that. So, starting with the 40 page Quality Manual, and working through the 25 Procedures and 80 Work Instructions (i.e., we have at least 150 pages here), I have to go through, make sure every page has the right headers and footers, and then print them off on the little Deskjet 895 next to me - it's currently having a great time sucking the resources out of my poor little computer...

Furthermore, I can see an obvious flaw to this plan. Currently, our document control is done by simply giving master copies a blue footer. But if I'm printing off a couple of hundred pages, each with a blue footer, that could lead to a rather nasty case of "ink completely running out". And if we don't have another cartridge, then I'm screwed. So perhaps the Quality Manual gets blue footers, the Work Instructions have green, and the Procedures get red, or something. And then once all this is printed out, I have to punch holes in it and stick it in a folder... It's a hard life.

However, along with all that, I have to also go around the factory and office today in preparation for the visit from the Quality guys tomorrow. Specifically, I have to make sure that everybody knows exactly how to access the quality documents, and that they're comfortable with the system. Then I have to make sure that we have calibration data on all the instruments, and act accordingly (either enter that data onto the system if it exists, or give the instrument "Indication Only" status if cal information doesn't exist). In theory, we only have fifty pieces of equipment which fall under this category, so I shouldn't find that too hard... :o)

I apologise in advance if my typing is bad - this computer has been drastically slowed down, and I tend to be on the next line before the current one even appears on the screen, so checking my spelling as I go isn't so easy... So yeah, that's what I have to do today. I'd like to get most of it done by morning, so that I'm free in the afternoon to do last-minute stuff (which is bound to come up). All because the Quality Standards Type People are coming tomorrow - *sigh*

Ooh, Bryan just came in to say Hi... For those who've not been obsessively following my journal for months (shame on you), he's the managing director of the company, and in theory, my boss. He specifically hired me to work for him, and despite the fact that I've often been passed to other people to help them out, my primary job here is usually as a research assistant type thing. Details on that to follow in a maths post, but not right now :o)

Anyway, so he came in, said hi etc., asked how I've been, and then asked how long I'd be here. He didn't seem to see a problem with me being here for the whole summer, which is good, although he did ask if I was taking a break, pointing out that I've not done that yet. Now, this raises an interesting question - am I really entitled to a break? Up to this summer I've worked 25 weeks here, but that's over the course of two years. Wow, thinking about it, a quarter of my time over the last two years has been spent in full time employment - that's quite a substantial amount, all things considered.

So yeah, do I deserve a break? I mean, it'd almost certainly be unpaid, which means that I'd not be earning the £250 that I would ordinarily get in that week. That's almost a month's rent gone just for the sake of a bit of time off. On the other hand, I could just take a day off here and there - long weekends, that sort of thing. If I have any time off, that's probably what I shall do, unless I actually have specific plans with anybody to do something in particular. David's birthday, for instance...

Speaking of which - aww, bless, ickle David is turning 18... I still remember back when he was a 15 year old whose function was nothing more than to serve as some GTA geek in a newsgroup. Oh how times change... Now he and I are, to be fair, the centre of the universe, which is quite an improvement for three years. Oh, and by the way, I'll stop being so egocentric when the world stops revolving around me - until such a time, you're stuck with this. Sorry... ;o)

But on the subject of changes, I found some pictures of myself from three years ago, I'm not sure if I said... They're from when I was in Connecticut in 1999, and they're... well... weird... I don't even recognise myself any more, I've changed that much - the shape of my face is completely different for starters. And I remember my personality back then - I was this shy, ugly little boy who had never kissed a girl, who couldn't interact with strangers, who refused to ever touch alcohol.... And then look at me now - it's rather surprising what a difference three years can make to a person.

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Now he and I are, to be fair, the centre of the universe,

Sorry, that's just the normal self-important illusion widely held by youngsters. You will learn in time that you are wrong. You are not the centre of the universe, I am!

Deskjet? Yikes, that will take ages!


yea that is a pretty insane task. Sounds like somethig the BOFH would have you do. Did that poor desk jet pull thru? I bet it either ran out of ink, or something broke... Anyways I'm vqhmdragon on teenopendiary if you want to look at some of my stuff... *nod* have fun

1) Laser printers rule.

2) Is there are chance of eventually getting a *paid* vacation? If so, I wouldn't take a break. If not, I would.

3) Happy Birthday to whomever David is. Yes, three years can make a huge difference in a person. It's almost frightening...

you're*** hot. im sorry, us americans are too lazy to put the extra's in.

I see. Oh, thanks....

Hey. Don't speak for all of the americans. Just you are too lazy. I, on the other hand, use perfect punctuation almost always.

Maybe in three years I'LL have kissed a girl, be less shy, drink on occasion, and talk to strangers more often... one can only hope.... (Talking to strangers part doesn't count the internet... I mean to not go totally silent in a group of people I don't know...)

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