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Bizarre Evening
Well, this has been weird. Our officially labelled "Last Evening", we decided that rather than go out and get bladdered, we'd just stay in, get a load of alcohol, and get pissed while watching Friday night TV. "We" in this context means myself, Alex, Harry, James, Lulu and at one point Ebs. So we made a shopping list of alcohol, which was effectively a bottle of bacardi, a bottle of vodka, a bottle of malibu, and 12 cans of beer, between about five of us. We did splendidly finishing that off, along with a large quantity of cola, after Alex, Harry and myself went to the supermarket to buy it (where Alex told me and Harry "You should just be a proper couple but instead you're this weird fucked up thing", because Harry and I are just friends, despite the frequency with which physical things seem to happen). I paid for it all on my debit card (using it in its credit-card-esque capacity), the second thing I've ever bought with it where I needed to provide a signature. This time, I checked which of my many flavours of signature I had used on the back, so I was ready for them when they handed me the pen... :o)

So we got back at about 8pm, and went straight for the drinking. I was on the malibu and coke, with some bacardi every now and again, and I have to say, I got seriously drunk. Perhaps the most drunk I've been here, which I was quite impressed with. Well, with the exception of the night when I chucked up, but that doesn't count. I got close to chucking last night, I have to say, but managed to hold it back, what with having total willpower and all. Anyhow, so we were drinking until 9pm, when we then went to Vicky's room to watch Friends, while drinking. It was the season finale, and we were all almost in tears, mostly because of the emotion-amplifying effects of alcohol. After friends, we watched Trigger Happy TV, but James and Lulu then went out, leaving just me, Harry and Alex to watch it. I must admit to not remembering much of the show, since the rum was really affecting me by this time. We stayed in and allegedly watched some of So Graham Norton, but I recall nothing of that... I am, however, informed that I spent much of it tickling Alex's thigh, playing footsy with her, and lying on Harry's back. It'd be well cool to remember that, I have to say :o)

Anyhow, eventually, James came back from his party, and he, Alex, and some others went to the kitchen. I went to my room not feeling well, and Harry came in to check that I was OK. Five minutes later, James opens the door, and... well... let's just say that he wishes he'd seen nothing now. He didn't see anything especially major, just us doing some enthusiastic pulling. Even so, probably burned his eyes. I think I got cross with him, and told him to get the fuck out, or something. Anyhow, he did, Harry went and locked the door, and came back again. A few details later, and James and the others were banging on the door, trying to get in. Bah, I tells yer... Anyhow, they naturally failed, and went away. A while later, we went back to the kitchen, and James and Alex were giving us a real ribbing about what had happened. I sent James a text message suggesting that I knew stuff about him, and if he kept going on at me, I'd go on at him.

After that message, James and I went to stand in the top corridor, and chatted for about an hour and a half about stuff in general, had a real deep and meaningful about Claire, Vicky, Lulu, how many girls he'd had (a matter of serious speculation in the house). We then went into my room for a further two hours, and just chatted more about life in general, life in the flat, life at school before Uni, and I found that he's so much more like me than I had previously thought. It's all rather scary, really, how parallel our lives ran for so much of school. We spoke about, like, so much, for so long - it was actually really great to have such a cool chat with somebody here. Afterwards, we went out back into the dining room, and informed everybody that Claire owed us two N64s (if you don't know the arrangement, don't ask), which made everybody laugh. Vicky had just got back from her night out, and seriously believed for a while that James and I had been spending our time buggering each other. She was especially concerned when I told her it'd happened in her room - ha! Anyhow, much laughter was had by all.

Anyway, in time, Vicky went to her room, and I went with her, and had a small chat about things with James and such. She wanted to know how many girls he's been with, but I wouldn't tell her - this caused much vexation... I told her to ask him, but she wouldn't... Bah... He was actually quite worried that I'd tell her stuff, but I reminded him that he knew just as bad stuff about me, so I wasn't really planning on telling her anything. She got even more vexed, but ha ha ha. Anyhow, James phoned Vicky a bit later on, and she went to have a chat with him. I'd told him stuff about her, and her stuff about him, which was basically designed to get them to being good friends again (they'd had a minor bust up, see). As far as I can tell, this worked, since she seemed optimistic, and spent ages talking to him. Woohoo, I think :o)

Anyhow, Alex then went to bed, inviting Harry and me with her. Instead, Harry and I went outside for a while, and a good few details later, we watched the sun come up, and then went to abuse the computers, followed by buying sweets from the USSU shop. Groovy... Then, on the way back (the time being about 8:30am by now), I had one of the best moments of my life. We were walking up the path back to the flat, and there was a squirrel there. It looked at us for a good long while, then ran up to us, ran around us in a few large circles, several times ran up to my legs (looking all the while like he was about to climb up them with his sharp talon-like claws), and basically was playing with us. It was obvious (at least to me) that the frost we'd had that night had frozen the ground and the squirrel couldn't get hold of any stored food. I reached into my bag, pulled out some biscuits, and broke off a couple of small pieces, and dropped them on the ground for the squirrel to have. I repeated this, until I had gained its confidence, and then I was able to hold out pieces of biscuit in my hand and have it run up to me, take the biscuit off me, and eat it right next to my hand. It was just so cool to have the squirrel trust me enough to do that - woohoo :o) That seriously made my day...

So anyhow, it's now 10am, I've not slept yet... I seriously can't keep track of WTF is going on right now, I really can't - I can't even tell what day it is most of the time now... Yeesh... Anyhow, so far, Joyce, Tolis, Mice and Claire have all gone home, and today James and Ebs are off home. That just leaves me, Vicky and Lulu going home tomorrow, and Annie, Harry and Alex going on Monday. Then the place will be damned empty - how depressing... Oh well...

Anyhow, I'll go to sleep later, after James has gone home, I think. Then I'll sleep through to Sunday, easily - I'm that tired. Oh, and to end my post on a rather hilarious note, I've been offered a threesome by two people in this flat (both female), and they're actually serious. How funny - shame I have to go home, really... :o)

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