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Five miles outside of Vegas five years down the line....
Since I found my Everclear MP3s, I've been listening to them a lot. And it occurred to me that I haven't pointed out the following to all the Everclear fans out there. So here goes:

Learning How To Smile is the same song as Short Blonde Hair. Deliberately. Well, okay, not the same song, but the two are strongly linked, and for a reason. So let's examine the evidence. For starters, they're both Track 5 on the albums SFAAM Volumes 1 and 2 respectively. Secondly, the lyrics of SBH make references to LHTS:

"Now I’m just losing my hair and I’m learning how to smile like I just don’t care."

And finally, a bit of guitar tab for both songs. Notice anything about them?

Short Blonde Hair

Learning How to Smile

Point well and truly proved :o)

Now I have to work out exactly why they did that... I mean, there must be a reason that they'd connect it all, but I'm not sure what...

For my next trick, why Enya = Metallica ;o)

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Now I have to work out exactly why they did that... I mean, there must be a reason that they'd connect it all, but I'm not sure what...

Art Alexakis is a lazy sod? ;-)

For my next trick, why Enya = Metallica ;o)

they both suck?

wow, i'm so gosh darn smart today ;-)

Art Alexakis is a lazy sod? ;-)

Take that back. It was obviously an intentional message. Now apologise to Art.

And "smart" wasn't the word I was thinking of ;o)

was the word(s) "hella sexy"?

you're sweet, but you're just not my type. too pasty ;-)

Shame, because, you know, you're still cute ;o)

ok, now THATS lying ;-)

Obviously. You don't know you're still cute. But y'are ;o)

i think i have the only response thats needed here:



I can tell you're blushing Danuek :oP

It's probably because Learning How To Smile was the only good song on the entire record, so they decided to salvage it for part 2. :P


i never bought the first one. the singles totally didn't inspire me. AM Radio still strikes fear into the very depths of my soul.

The studio version of AM Radio is a bit shite... But live, it was great :o)

where'd you see them??

somebody i know drunkenly bought tickets to a gig on their last tour but managed to sell them in time. oooh, the perils of alcohol and the internet.

I know loads of people who bought tickets for their last tour. I had about three... I'm still pissed off at their record label for that...

I saw them at the Astoria (I think) on this day:

Or, rather, the day before that. I actually didn't enjoy it at the time so much, because they played a lot of their crappier songs. But now, I can look back on it and remember how cool it all was...

how is it the labels fault?

IIRC AM Radio is the second best song on there, which is sad really.

Even sadder is the fact that I got the album due to the strengths of the title song, and then the rest of it was crap. Blx!

hehehe. wanna trade it for a (hed)PE album i bought for.. um.. similar reasons? :)

I am *so* not tempted. :P

hmm. how about Urban Hymns? ;)

2 different songs, that BOTH contain a Bb major chord! We must tell the president!
yeah, ok, they're picked the same way, but theres only so many ways you can pick one chord shape!
GASP - compare:

a song:


another song:



*goes of to rewrite all hunger for the crash songs in, er, Gbb major!*

Two songs, both track #5 on the two CDs of a double album (effectively), both using the same picking of a Bb major chord, both containing the phrase "learning how to smile". So yeah, I'd say there are a few similarities :o)

any idea why?

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