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All I ever wanted to do was to learn how to break this world in two
Well, a week of work ended. Only another, what, ten or eleven, to go... Still, it'll add up to like three grand in total, which will be worth it... Of course, summer rent alone is £800... Still, that leaves me with a bit left over, eh... If I keep earning like this, then the tax man will come after me eventually, on account of how I'll go over the limit. Still, that just goes to show that I'm making lots of money, so... :o)

Anyway, apparently I'm a Big Brother Geek (thanks Rach), so without further ado - opinions. PJ got voted out, which was of course the obvious public choice when up against Kate. However, despite the ranks of people who accuse him of being a complete chauvenist arse, he got a really good reception. I'd say it was better than Spencer's, although he played up to the crowd a lot more than Spencer did. He was loving the attention, and his face really made me rather happy about the whole thing - he was so chuffed to be so loved by the crowds (and who could blame him?).

Just goes to show, ego actually does work, and gives you some sort of weird charm. Don't ask me how that works, I haven't figured it out yet.... Still, there we go...

Loopy says he likes it up on top.... Don't fall down now, you will never get up.... Yes, it's true - I've found my Everclear CD. I say CD, it has the MP3s of every Everclear album I own (which is all of them), plus a load of downloaded stuff. I've missed this music - I've not properly listened to Everclear in almost half a year, which is just shameful. I am filled with shame. Anyhow, I was reminded last night of quite how much I like them, so I thought I'd go find my CD and listen to perhaps my favourite band of all time. Hooray :o)

Random thing - LJ now allows screening of comments. Quick explanation - in your personal settings, you can choose who can post comments publicly - i.e., you can have it so that anonymous users can post comments, but they don't show on the page until you approve them. Check the editinfo page, and the comments pages to get some idea of how it all works. Well, I think it's neat, anyway - LJ has to be one of the fastest evolving sites I've ever seen. (BTW, this update probably explains the errors when trying to view talkread pages earlier).

Work was okay - Quality Inspection next Wednesday, so naturally I have to keep making sure everything is working and up to date, etc. I've been so knackered lately - since Sunday, I've had about 20 hours of sleep - four per night on average. Given that I'm used to more like 14, you can see how this would be a shock to the system. I think I've coped with it well, although I tend to lose concentration more easily. An example of that was on the bus coming home today - I was just sitting there, day dreaming, as you do (or as I do lately), and missed my stop completely. And there aren't any more stops for a while, so I had to go all around the village, until I got to the nearest stop from my house (still about a mile or something away) and walk from there. But I walked past the house I used to live in when I was a toddler and stuff, which is always fun.

...You can walk all over me tomorrow, but tonight can't we both just pretend to sleep...

More later sometime....

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Just goes to show, ego actually does work,

I don't watch the show but I'm guessing he was just glad to be back in the real world tbh!

Pile of shite that programme - can't see the interest myself!!!!!!564!

No, like, he's the most egocentric sex-mad things-he's-god's-gift-to-women guy ever. But it seems to work for him :o)

And it rules ;o)

Ooooh - take away the "egocentric" and it could be me ;0)

and change "things" to thinks and you've got Jamie.

Ooh I couldn't possibly comment on that! ;0)

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