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With my big black boots and an old suitcase...
So, last night, where to begin. I dunno if she'd hinted it or not, but I kinda knew that Rachel was coming over from earlier in the evening. Because once she went offline, I went and ran myself a bath, in preparation... Halfway through running the bath, I checked the 'net and she was online, and offered to come over - argh, stress! Panic quickly ensued, as I stopped running the bath, and had a quick shower instead.

Then followed a frenzy of girl-like getting ready. First of all there were clothes - I couldn't decide for the life of me exactly what to wear. I just didn't think that red was doing me any favours, and I really wanted to dress to impress. Furthermore, I had no idea when she was arriving, and had tons to do. Eventually, I settled on blue jeans, my red American Outfitters t-shirt and my plaid shirt. No particular reason - just a combination which goes...

Anyway, then followed a drastic products spree that would make Boots proud of me - moisturiser, shaving, aftershave, deoderant, yadda yadda... No wonder people accuse me of being a girl - the stuff I go through getting ready. In our house in Brighton, the girls all finish getting ready first, then me, then Jimbo last; there's something wrong with that.

Having finished with my various Boots things, I came downstairs to find my mother cleaning the lounge - apparently the fact that I just sprung this on her made her go all house-proud and scared that somebody might come over and judge her or something. Consequently, during the whole time, we never went in the study... It's just easier that way...

Well, so, I watched Big Brother, and played some guitar to calm myself down, all the while being just a wee bit nervous. My brother found it hilarious - he's never seen me getting ready to go out or anything before, so he doesn't know what I go through, and he kept laughing at me - well sod that, it's not like I especially care. Cocky little bastard, he's got all this to come in a few years.

So anyway, then a car pulls up outside, and I'm thinking "argh!", especially since it looks a lot like a mini. Then this hot girl comes to the door, and I'm thinking "Oh crap, now I have no chance", but still, I let her in just in case we, you know, actually get on or something..... Let's see, first impressions... She was taller than I was expecting, although shorter than I'm accustomed to, for all the sense that makes. So it was actually quite good. Beautiful face, far more so than the pictures which simply don't do her justice... And, whatever she says, she has a lovely body - if she wants to prove any different, she'll just have to undress for me or something ;o)

Anyhow, she came in, my mother spoke to her a bit, and then went to bed. When I woke up this morning, my brother asked my mum about her, and what she was like, and one of the things she said was that she was surprised at how well we seemed to instantly click, and how much we were chatting right from the start. To be honest, so am I - we'd never even had a phone conversation before, and we've only known each other since Sunday. Yet we seemed to get along really well. Yay us :o)

So yeah, mum went to bed, and Rach and I stayed up talking... We vaguely touched on rather controversial topics, like Abba (who are apparently bad!!!! Who knew? ;o)... But basically, yeah, we just chatted for ages. About Everclear (who rock, and she knows it, which is cool), various bad music, good old music, the usual sort of things... Oh, and we discussed how David Duchovny is hot, which was fun :o)

"I love purple. In a straight way"

At some point the cat came in and pretty much blanked us both - typical Alfred, she's ever so rude. I bet she just hates me because I confused her by calling her a boy's name when she's a girl, but that's what you get when you're called "Alfie" as a girl ('short for Alfreda' my arse). But otherwise, she was fairly well behaved - no meowing, no breaking things and then looking at me as if to say "What are you gonna do? You could punish me, if only you could catch me". Grr...

Oh, and at one point I picked up my guitar and started playing, but had the foresight to put it down again before I embarassed myself too much - one day, my guitar skills will be enough to make women fall at my feet, but right now, they're really not that good, and so it's hardly going to help my case. Still, I played a bit of Summerland, because it's such fun to play. Then I actually forgot how to play Santa Monica... *shame*

Anyway, naturally I was doing my finest effort at chatting her up (note: my finest effort, in all fairness, isn't so great), although her body language (read: holding a cushion) wasn't being as positive as it could have been (e.g.: stripping). Just kidding... Still, we chatted more, then started sitting closer together, which was reassuring... Looked through some photos of her friends, and then discussed how public school girls grab each others' breasts. Interesting.....

I can't entirely remember why I said it, but at some point I said "I'm going to really regret it if I don't kiss you now". She suggested that she'd rather I didn't, but I had to try anyway. At which point, she pulled away, and my heart utterly sank, on account of how I thought I'd blown it. When she then said that she thought she should be going home, that's when I really thought I'd screwed up - after all, what sort of story is "Oh yeah, I tried to kiss a girl, and she ran out of the house"? Anyway, we talked for a bit, and from what I can gather, a lot of her reluctance comes from the fact that she's convinced she'll screw me up, and destroy our friendship or something....

Naturally, to this I say "pfft" - frankly, if she fucks me up, it'll probably be a lot of fun getting to that point. She really is one of the most fun and exciting people to talk to ever, and it would be worth it, just to spend more time with her. As for hurting our friendship, I don't think she will. We really seemed to just click from the word go, and the fact that we didn't have even one awkward silence last night has got to count for something. I dunno, call me an optimist if you will, but I think it'd work..... :o)

Anyway, we spoke about it, and then (in what came vaguely unexpectedly to me), she said "Perhaps we should just do it anyway". Cue kissing, hooray! Then after we finished kissing, she said "Yes, we should have just done it anyway", cue more kissing. Now, my recollection of this part is kinda sketchy, since I was on such a high from this. I mean, here's this girl who in my eyes is the most gorgeous girl ever, sat on my sofa, kissing me. Like, wow :o)

Unfortunately, it was getting a bit late, and she wanted to go... At this point, I decided "No, you shall not go, you shall stay here and make out with me", and made a reasonably convincing case (through practical demonstration)... Sadly, wasn't enough, and so she had to go... Wandered outside with her to her car, which was cool, and said goodbye... The whole time, the front door was open, but Alfred didn't escape, which is good, because I'd have been cross with her if she had.

Anyhow, I went back indoors and sat for a bit, mostly just thinking "Wow, that was so cool". Then I went online and boasted to my friends that I had just had the best time, but didn't give them any details because I didn't feel like I had to prove myself to them. Just told them that I was really happy. Hooray! *ahem*

The cushion she'd been holding smelled of her, so I took it through to the study and sat there online, waiting for her to get home. It smelled so purty... Oh, and I phoned David and told him how amazing the evening had been, which rocked. Then I got messages from her which meant she got home safe, so I went to bed, for some of the sweetest sleep I've had in a long time.

Hmm, right now, I just don't know... On the one hand, this might just be a "friends who get close sometimes" deal to her. On the other, it might be more, or indeed less, I dunno... All I know is that I felt so alive last night, and I want more of that. She's just so much fun, and I feel like she makes me more fun. I wanna get a tattoo with her, I want to get another piercing with her, I want to get bitten by her.... There's something inherently just so sexy about her. Blah. *shuts up*

So yeah, anyway, four hours of sleep later, I wake up for work. Ugh... I don't know how I got myself out of bed this morning, but I did. When I got downstairs, my mother was talking to Ed about last night, saying she thought Rachel was very nice (LIES!! Uh, just joking) and that she thought it was great how the two of us seemed to be able to talk to each other so comfortably.

Then I went to work. And here I am, writing this. Go me :o)


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