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I have made a discovery. Well, it's not really a discovery. It's more something that everybody probably knew, except for me.

Google works in a vaguely memetic way. More links to a site means more exposure on google which ultimately can mean more links. The better a site is in Google's rankings, the more effect it has based on who it links to. A search for Jamie on Google, thus:

Brings up my journal as the fifth result. Why? Because of my sodding online tests, and the popularity bestowed upon me as a result.

So what I need really is a couple more online tests, which have a hyperlink containing the word "Jamie" back to my journal. I've decided to go on an ego-trip to the #1 spot, partly for the fame, but also for power - the higher my LJ is ranked on Google, the more links on my journal are weighted in its system. Effectively, if I put a link on my journal, Google takes more notice of that than if tma does the same. I will have the power!

Work is boring me senseless. But that's okay, I'll take a nap soon, since Pete is talking to Quality Bob. I've not had my lunch break yet (have been working on databases), so this can be my break :o)

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you don't know me

I saw your link on Darknessforever's aka panda'a dead journal so I thought that I'd come visit your site. Do your really like power that much??? I've never seen a picture on a site like the way you have yours. How did you do that? By the way my name is Lauren. Well, I have to go. bye bye.

I've not had my lunch break yet

Think yourself lucky, i've only had 1 so far this week!

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