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Single Again
So anyway, at work, I was writing part of the Work Instructions manual... And I was required to write the following phrases:

"Use the appropriate size external tooth shakeproof washer in place of a wavey washer"
"Butt up against, but not enter ..."

Well, it amused me anyway.... I never thought I'd be in a job where I was required to write things like that. Anyhow, they were talking about a new secretary, and how she could type at 80 words per minute. Pfft.... I went away and tested myself. I took a really technical document with loads of long words, and timed my typing. I typed that at 80wpm. Then I tested myself with a less technical, more familiar document - 90wpm. Then I typed a stream of consciousness - 100wpm. You ever wonder how I manage to output so much crap to my LJ? It's mostly because 4,000 words of this stuff takes about three quarters of an hour. Sorry ;o)

Right, well, I should be off to bed. Will get about 5 hours of sleep, if I'm lucky. It's insane - I've barely had any sleep lately, but still, I seem to be functioning. In the last three nights, I've had 12 hours sleep total. That's about half what I tend to get at Uni.... Hence why I'm a bit screwed on the tiredness thing. Still, I'll cope.

In further news, Mel and I broke up. We just decided that we'd be better off as friends, so that's what we are. Not all that much really to tell - there aren't any details as such, so....

Well anyway, sleep time... G'night all.

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woo go you about your typing! I should test mine....4 years ago (damn I cant believe its been that long....) it was *shrugs* no clue. hehehehehe mebbe ill try to find something online later on.

anyways sorry to hear about you and Mel! But at least it was mutual and you guys are both okay with it...*huggle*

on being a bad lj buddy

Technical writing. I've always included that on the list of jobs I wouldn't mind taking. I mean, what else can one do with an English degree? You're right, those phrases are funny. If you run across any more during the course of your work, try to remember them and post them.

Sorry that it takes a mutual agreement to friendship between you and Mel before I decide to pipe up and leave a comment. I really have been keeping up with your posts, I just don't comment often. :o)

what else can one do with an English degree?

Pretend that you know what you're talking about? :D

drink some chamomile tea, take a bubble bath and relax. you sound like you could use it.


Hi, you dont know me but... hahahaha...
Okay, I know a friend of David's (or a friend of a friend etc).
But um yeh, sorry to hear about you and Mel... *hugs*
Anyway, what I was going to say is that I used to get *really* bad insomnia, and I know how bad it is. I tried taking Arnica... the homeopathic stuff which is really diluted, and made into tiny little sugary tablets. You can get it from Boots and Holland & Barrets I think. But that seemed to help. I also use the herbal Nytol when I have mild insonmia too. If I can *actually* get to sleep, that stuff keeps me asleep and I wake up feeling more refreshed. And if you drink tea or coffee, dont drink it after about 5pm. If you want any other advice, feel free to email me :)

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