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IRC Experience
Oh my God... Back in #discworld, the place I frequented even before I bugged people on Usenet, I still have my login pass for _hex_, the eggdrop bot. It's so cool to just be able to DCC chat him, get onto the partyline, and do stuff. Of course, my commands weren't working - he knows me, knows my pass, but I'm evidently not even cleared for simple stuff like ".help". And /msg _hex_ op isn't working either. But the point is, they still know I exist. Wooo!! It's ages since I spoke to Christiaan van der Veer last, not to mention Ilkka, Max, and whoever the other weird people there are. Dave and Dee are gone, Joose| is gone, Carrot is gone, hraf is gone, Sprawl has been gone ages, all of them, just gone. No dutch people left, no Swedish people left, only Finns. Oh well. Goodnight all :o)


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