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Il pleu, or words to that effect
Yes, it's raining. And I'm at work, sans our entire Operations Admin team (who effectively take all the calls) - today is going to be interesting. I'll probably get put on the end of a telephone, and told to take all the company's calls and direct them to the relevant people, based on past experience of these situations... Everybody else's time is more valuable than that or something :o)

Last night I managed over five hours of sleep, which isn't bad, considering the night before I only got two. However, I'm really not one of those people who can live on insufficient sleep, and it's all bound to get to me sooner or later. Perhaps I'll just nap through lunch or something... Wonder why I can't sleep lately....

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hey david, I mean james ::smiles::

figured it out yet?

cheater... you peeked at the ip address...

Nope, I worked it out. Process of elimination... The only reason I hadn't suspected you sooner was because I had thought I had your number on my phone...

Heh... well done. Took a while to figure it out, eh? ;)

Really sorry, but I have to do it: it's "Il pleut".

Ah, thanks - I'd been wondering whether I got it right or not :o)

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